Xbox Game Pass August Wave 1: Several Classics Set To Return

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Xbox Game Pass August Wave 1: Several Classics Set To Return

The Xbox Game Pass August Wave 1 will see the return of multiple timeless titles 

Xbox Game Pass August Wave 1: Several Classics Set To Return

Image Courtesy: Maddy Makes Games

Xbox has revealed the latest lineup of games arriving on Game Pass this week. Although there are no brand-new games or launch day treats this time, users will still have plenty to enjoy with classic platformers, action-filled side-scrollers, and immersive adventure games. Players can access these games now, and this fantastic collection will be available until the 15th of the month.

Xbox Game Pass August Wave 1: Full Lineup 

Here are the games that will be available via Xbox Game Pass as the first August wave offering: 

Celeste (Available Now, Cloud/Console/PC)

Join Madeline on a gripping adventure as she battles her inner demons and sets out to conquer Celeste Mountain. From the creators of TowerFall comes this super-tight platformer, packed with hundreds of challenging hand-crafted levels. Discover cunningly hidden secrets and unravel the mountain's perplexing secrets along the way.

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Image Courtesy: Maddy Makes Games

A Short Hike (August 3, Cloud/Console/PC)

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Hawk Peak Provincial Park, where you can hike, climb, and soar amid breathtaking mountainside vistas. Choose your path, either following the marked trails or exploring the untamed backcountry, as you strive for the summit. During your trek, interact with fellow hikers, uncover well-kept secrets, and savor the wonders of nature around you.


Broforce Forever (August 8, Cloud/Console/PC)

Broforce invites you on an action-packed journey through its side-scrolling run ‘n' gun gameplay, embodying the spirit of freedom. Assume command of an under-resourced, yet overpowering paramilitary outfit, specialized in unleashing excessive force. Embrace the Broforce Forever content, which features an extended and enhanced campaign with fresh unlocks, six new ultra-patriotic bros, and four levels focused on spreading democracy!

Limbo (August 9, Cloud/Console/PC)

Limbo, an acclaimed indie adventure, has earned numerous awards for its mesmerizing puzzle design and captivating audio-visual experience. Its enigmatic, mist-covered landscapes and haunting storyline will leave an everlasting impression on you.

Airborne Kingdom (August 10, Cloud/Console/PC)

Airborne Kingdom is a stunning city-building and management game that unfolds in the skies, as the name implies. Foster the growth of your distinct floating town amidst the clouds and pilot it across a vast, open expanse. Unravel the skies in search of restoring serenity to the world below.

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Everspace 2 (August 15, Cloud/Xbox Series X/S)

Take on the role of a space pilot in this fast-paced single-player shooter, where you'll confront formidable challenges to earn epic loot. Embark on a thrilling sci-fi escapade, traversing vast handcrafted zones filled with secrets, puzzles, and dangers. Progress through the game by leveling up, crafting, and collecting better gear, as you strive to survive on the outer reaches of the cosmos.

Xbox Game Pass August Wave 1: Several Classics Set To Return
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