Echo Claim Victory in WoW Dragonflight Amirdrassil RWF

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Echo Claim Victory in WoW Dragonflight Amirdrassil RWF

Echo has taken the win in the Amirdrassil RWF as the final raid tier of Dragonflight comes to an end.

After a huge push from all the guilds, we finally have a winner in the Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope RWF. Taking until the second reset to get the kill, Fyrakk caused guilds many problems, though Tindral Sageswift also set guilds back over 200 pulls each. It was another slow start to the RWF, with the global release of Mythic alongside Heroic/Normal meaning RWF guilds went into Heroic first to claim tier and other gear. Eventually, however, Liquid went into Mythic and quickly moved through the tier. Echo and Method would join them shortly after, with the second-to-last boss, Tindral Sageswift, proving to be the big divider of the top guilds and those outside the race. In fact, while the top 3 were on Fyrakk, every other guild was stuck on Tindral Sageswift, or bosses that came before.

Towards the end of the race, Echo would take the lead off of Liquid, while Method would also be hot on the heels of those in front of them. Towards the end of the race, a key nerf would come into Fyrakk, dropping his max HP by about 4%. While “fans” were frustrated that it came right as Echo was ending for the night, in actually benefited them, as they recorded a new best of 10.7% shortly after. Putting them around 16% ahead of Liquid. The key thing Echo had to change at that point was moving their Heroism/Bloodlust into the final phase, rather than the second add phase.

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With Echo heading to bed, having stayed up till 4am local time, it was time for Liquid to push back. Liquid ended their night at around the same time, but secured a 6.5% best pull. Liquid ended their day, aiming to get on just a few hours after Echo. This looked like the day, but Echo were slow out the gate, struggling to get any meaningful pulls on the boss. Liquid, however, would continue to see low double-digit pulls as the fight went down to the final hours. Behind them, Method would also continue their best pulls, clocking in a 27%, while  火锅英雄 would also join the Fyrakk fight.

Late into the night, with both top guilds on sub 2% time was running out for Echo, but, at around 1:30 am they pulled through and secured the kill.

Echo Claim Amirdrassil  RWF

Amirdrassil Community reaction



Current Amirdrassil RWF Progress

IF a % is shown it indicates the guild is on Fyrakk.

  1. Echo – Kill
  2. Liquid – Kill
  3. Method 24%
  4. Instant Doller – 68%
  5. 火锅英雄 – 70%
  6. BDG – 7/9
  7. Skyline – 7/9
  8. Fatsharkyes – 7/9
  9. Conspiracy – 7/9
  10. Honestly – 7/9
Echo Claim Victory in WoW Dragonflight Amirdrassil RWF
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