Wuthering Waves Tier List – Learn how to Dominate

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Wuthering Waves Tier List – Learn how to Dominate

Wuthering Waves Tier List is here for all currently available characters from the pre-release version of the game.

Wuthering Waves is a more skill-based game than many other gacha that we cover, removing the pure tactical element. That said, each character has enough pros and cons for us to place them on this list. This data is coming from the Beta information we have, and correlated with other sources online.

As always, your skill will have a major impact on how you can best utilize this Tier List, so characters you are best with or have managed to “level up” the most will likely outshine a character that is higher on our list but is a lower level for you.

This article will be updated once the full release is out. You can find a full explainer of how the list was judged after the Tier List.

Wuthering Waves Tier List – Best Characters

S+ Wuthering Waves - JiyanJiyan (DPS) Wuthering Waves - VerinaVerina (Support) Wuthering Waves - EncoreEncore (DPS)
S Wuthering Waves - CalcharoCalcharo (DPS) Wuthering Waves - LingyangLingyang (DPS)
A Wuthering Waves - JianxinJianxin (Hybrid) Wuthering Waves - DanjinDanjin (DPS)
B Wuthering Waves - YangyangYuanwu (Hybrid) Wuthering Waves - ChixiaChixia (DPS) Wuthering Waves - BaizhiBaizhi (Support)
Wuthering Waves - SanhuaSanhua (Hybrid) Wuthering Waves - AaltoAalto (Hybrid) Wuthering Waves - TaoqiTaoqi (Support)
Wuthering Waves - YuanwuYuanwu (Hybrid) Wuthering Waves - MortefiMortefi (Hybrid)
C Wuthering Waves - Rover (Spectro)Rover (Hybrid)

Wuthering Waves Tier List Explained

Tier Explanation
S+ If you have a role to fill, and you have one of these characters, then that's the one you want to use. S+ is the top of the tier for a reason and will likely see you get a lot of success out of them.
S S tier are the closest to S+, but just sits above that “might be a little OP” tier. IF you have a spot to fill that an S+ won't satisfy, then S tier is the one. Or, if you happen to get a character here early or they get upgraded then these are incredible characters to invest in.
A For characters in the A Tier, these are a solid option. It's probably best to see these are the best of the balanced characters. A Tier are probably the safest bet to dump summons or upgrades on if you are playing a limited way.
B Great to fill a niche, or you have this character at the highest level. Characters here are good to fill those spots in your team that an S/S+ just can't.
C If you need to fill a spot, or this character is your highest level in that role, then it works. But, they are nothing special.
D Very bad, probably don't use just leave them for now until they get a buff.
"I’ll give you your money back if I’m wrong" - Mark Gerhard ASCENDANT Interview

Criteria for the Tier List

  • All characters are assumed to be at their maximum value and in the best possible team
  • Max level Echoes and best equipment, best stats etc
  • The list is based on how each character would perform at the game's current top content – Tower of Adversity
  • The list also assumes you are playing a character to their top skill level and utilising the full skill set available

What is Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves, developed and published by Kuro Games is a Mobile and PC free-to-play action RPG. The game is an open world, somewhat inspired by games such as Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact. It offers a high degree of freedom, emphasizing exploration and fast-paced PvE combat.

Wuthering Waves Tier List – Learn how to Dominate
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