Wuthering Waves Codes (June 2024)

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Wuthering Waves Codes (June 2024)

Each game of this genre has codes available that players can use to redeem in-game rewards. Wuthering Waves is no exception. The developers have decided to help players with some Wuthering Waves codes that they can redeem.

In this article, therefore, we will point out all the codes that the developers decide to release during the life of the game so that you do not miss out on the rewards that will certainly be useful to you (especially if you decide to remain a free-to-play player and do not adopt the gacha system of the game).

How Do Wuthering Waves Codes Work?

As in other games of the genre, the Wuthering Waves codes will allow you to obtain in-game rewards that will certainly be very useful. Therefore, we advise you not to underestimate this possibility that the developers have decided to offer to players.

In all likelihood, the codes will be released from time to time, probably on a monthly basis, as is the case for other games as well. The codes in question will have a duration that may vary based on different factors. So, we recommend you redeem them as soon as you have the chance.

Wuthering Waves Codes

The codes below are now available:

  • WUTHERINGGIFT: 2 premium resonance potions, 2 medium revival inhalers, 2 medium energy bags, 10k shell credits, and 50 astrite
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Wuthering Waves Expired Codes

These codes are now expired and can't be redeemed anymore:


How to Redeem Wuthering Waves Codes

Since the game is now available, we can tell you exactly how to redeem codes in Wuthering Waves. The first thing to know is that you need to reach Union Level 2; otherwise, you won't be able to do that. Luckly for you, this is not something difficult to do. Once you reach this prerequisite, these are the steps you need to take:

  • Open up the menu
  • Select the settings menu in the bottom right corner
  • Click “other settings” option
  • Select “redemption box”
  • Paste or type in a code and click confirm
Wuthering Waves Codes (June 2024)
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