Wunder Joins Fnatic as Sub for Injured Oscarinin

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Wunder Joins Fnatic as Sub for Injured Oscarinin

Wunder joins Fnatic to help his old team out as his successor has to sit the next match out because of medical reasons.

The LEC Season Finals is coming to its end, with only four teams and four series remaining: MAD Lions, G2 Esports, Team BDS and Fnatic, with all of them qualified for at least the Worlds Qualifying Series. After the last round, fans said teary goodbyes to SK Gaming and Excel Esports, as both teams lost their Lower Bracket matches, which meant that they were eliminated from the run.

However, the 4 teams mentioned above got a step closer to their dreams, with Fnatic being the last team to qualify. While they had dominant showings against Excel Esports, one particular thing stood out to eagle-eyed viewers: after each match when Fnatic left the stage of the Berlin LEC Studio, Oscár “Oscarinin” Munóz Jiménez, the team’s toplaner held his hand in a particular way, suggesting that he was in pain.

Wunder Joins Fnatic Oscarinin

After their victory, Fnatic provided some insight into the condition of Oscarinin: the young Spanish player is indeed injured, but luckily for the team his arm didn’t affect his gameplay, so Fnatic could get the last spot of the World Championship or the Worlds Qualifying Series.

However, Oscarinin is due for a surgery to fix his arm so he can be at 100% during the 2023 League of Legends World Championhsip. However, Fnatic potentially has 3 matches to play in the LEC Season Finals, with the next one having the highest stakes, as it will decide if the black and orange team or Team BDS will proceed to the Worlds Main Event, while the other has to face Golden Guardians just to get a shot at the Play-Ins. Who will fill in the gap left by Oscarinin to help Fnatic reach the final destination of thes Year?

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Wunder Joins Fnatic

As per Fnatic’s latest Twitter post, a familiar face, Martin “Wunder” Nordahl Hansen is returning to the team for a limited time, helping his old comrades out in one of the most crucial moments of their year. Wunder started out his career as a player for Team Dignitas EU, but made a name for himself after joining Splyce back in 2015. After more than 2 years with the team, he joined G2 Esports where he became a legend, winning multiple LEC titles, making it to Worlds a number of times, and even fighting in the finals back in 2019 against FunPlus Phoenix. He left G2 at the end of 2021, joinining Fnatic where he played for more than a year, but after a horrible start to the 2023 season, Fnatic parted ways with Wunder.

Wunder Joins Fnatic Wunder

Now, in their greatest time of need, the Danish Toplaner returns to Fnatic. Their next opponent will be Team BDS on Saturday, with the winner advancing to the roadshow Finals in Montpellier, while the loser will have to play an extra series before Worlds on October 9th against Golden Guardian in order to decide who qualifies – will Wunder make the difference for Fnatic against Adam “Adam” Maanane and his team?

Wunder Joins Fnatic as Sub for Injured Oscarinin
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