WoW WotLK Classic DPS Tier List, Best DPS for Phase 1

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WoW WotLK Classic DPS Tier List, Best DPS for Phase 1

With Wotlk Classic, we see a new meta emerging, but who comes out on top and who is destined for the bin? Here is our WotLK Classic DPS Tier List to help you.

Ah, Classic. With your raids full of Warriors, Rogues, and Mages. Thankfully, TBC fixed all those problems and finally sees balance restored to the meta as we head into Wotlk, right?.. Well, Wotlk certainly changes the meta, it will bring new classes to the front of the pack, and it certainly gives more classes a chance to shine. Sadly, we’re still going to see those top spots taken up by a new red class alongside the purple and yellow crew.

Ultimately, as this is Classic, and it has so much of the knowledge already known, we’re left with some pretty major standout classes. Below you’ll find our tier list for the best raiding/PvE DPS specs. This is with the caveat that Blizzard doesn’t make any #Changes for Wotlk. As always, you should always play the spec you find fun, this list is only to help guide you.

As always with tier lists – most specs are viable throughout the expansion and you should play what you enjoy. However, if you enjoy being the best, then here are some good options.


WoW Wotlk Classic Dps Tier List

S Tier:

Assassination Rogue
Arcane Mage
Frost Death Knight
Unholy Death Knight
Affliction Warlock

A Tier:

Demonology Warlock
Survival Hunter
Marksmanship Hunter
Shadow Priest
Fire Mage
Balance Druid

B Tier:

Feral Druid
Combat Rogue
Enhancement Shaman
Retribution Paladin
Elemental Shaman
Arms Warrior

C Tier:

Destruction Warlock
Fury Warrior
Beast Mastery Hunter

D Tier (imagine the gap between C and D is really large:

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Subtlety Rogue
Frost Mage
Blood Death Knight


 Wotlk Classic S Tier DPS

So you've just leveled up your lovely new DK and you want to DPS? Well, you're in luck, because DK DPS are going to be very strong. While it will ebb and flow throughout Wotlk, DK will remain one of the strongest picks. Otherwise, it's the standard affair when it comes to DPS. Assassination Rogue will do really well early, with Combat likely to take over later in the expansion. For the ranged classes, it's the two you'd expect. With the ability for their DOTs to crit in Wrath Classic, Affliction Locks become invaluable.

This is also in part due to the slightly more melee-favored fights in Naxx, which isn't much of an issue for Affliction due to their lack of need to cast. Lastly is Arcane Mage. Arcane will come out swinging and only fall off towards the end of Wrath. By then, you just switch to Fire and you'll be all good.

Wotlk Classic A Tier DPS

Ah the Hunter, while maybe not at your absolute peak in Wrath, you'll still find a place in raids. While BM will struggle throughout Wrath, MM and Survival will do well. Balance Druid and Demo lock are next up, and both will shine, though Balance will lose out to its catty sibling later on. As for Demo, they'll always be one step behind Affliction, however, there won't be much in it. Shadow Priest is more than a mana battery in Wrath, and will instead frequently be seen smashing those DPS meters.

Providing your guild will let you DPS and not heal, that is. Lastly for A Tier is Fire Mage. The most logical alternative if you don't like the Arcane Mages style of play, Fire will shine bright all through Wrath.

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Wotlk Classic B Tier DPS

We'll call this tier the “unstable tier”. These specs are going to have a mixed bag in Wrath. Ret and Arms are going to be two very good examples of “late game specs”. Both have a steady start (Ret more so than Arms) but both will come into their own later in the expansion. The good news for Paladin's is you can just heal or tank until then. A difficult expansion for Shaman, with neither spec ever really likely to shine outside of being a 6/10.

Enh is likely to struggle more overall, and it might even be a little generous to put them in B for the first tier. Feral is going to grow into Wrath, so just stick with it during Naxx. A similar story to Combat, Assassin will outshine you early but you'll come into your own later.

Wotlk Classic C Tier DPS

A simple review here for each of the three picks:

Destro – Probably not going to be the expansion for you. Maybe try Demo for a bit, or give it all up and throw DOTs at people.

Fury – It's going to start off not being so fun being a Fury Warrior. But with each raid tier, you'll get a little stronger. So stick with it, contain that rage and you'll likely be the top DPS in Phase 4

BM Hunter – Just play MM or Survival

Wotlk Classic D Tier DPS

Sub Rogue – Hey, get back in the Arena, this isn't the place for you!

Frost Mage – I really don't know what to say here. My memory of “OG” Wrath is hazy, but I guess the spec that throws ice at people isn't much use in an expansion full of ice.

Blood DK – You're a tank. You're a tank. You're a tank.

WoW WotLK Classic DPS Tier List, Best DPS for Phase 1
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