WoW: When Does TBC Classic Launch?

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WoW: When Does TBC Classic Launch?

With the global release of TBC Classic expected on June 1st/2nd it’s just a matter of time zone.

Global releases are fantastic. Honestly, we love them, and we're  glad Blizzard is continuing to do them in Classic. There’s always one problem with a global release, however, and that’s good old time zones. So when Blizzard announces that Classic TBC will launch on June 1st, that can throw up a lot of questions for anyone outside the USA. Have no fear, however, we’ve got you covered in this article.

When will TBC Classic be released?

A map of the world shows the global release times in different countries for TBC Classic across June 1 and 2

So, the key to remember is in the above image; If you live west of London, you’ll get it on Tuesday, June 1. If you live east of London you’ll get it on Wednesday, June 2.

June 1st:

  • Americas (PDT) - 3AM
  • Americas (EDT) - 6PM
  • Brazil (BRT) - 7PM
  • UK (BST) - 11 PM

June 2nd:

  • Europe (CET) - 12AM (midnight)
  • Moscow (MSK) - 1AM
  • India (IST) - 3:30 AM
  • Taiwan (CST) - 6AM
  • Korea (KST) - 7AM
  • ANZ (AEDT) - 8AM

And that’s it. The release is global, and everything should go live as the clock strikes those times (be sure to /reload). It’s worth noting that in the past Blizzard has staggered the release over a 10-15 minute window for players. This essentially means they’ll “unlock” the portal for 10% of the people waiting at a time, as to avoid everyone zoning in at the same time.

Will TBC Classic feature layering?

One thing that will help on TBC Classic launch is layering. While it’s not a popular feature with the community, it’s become Blizzard's key way to combat server instability, and thankfully it will be turned off shortly after launch.

In fact, current pre-patch servers have layering turned on, due to the huge volume of players trying to level a new Draenei or Blood Elf character.