WoW: TBC Classic World Boss Guide, Doom Lord Kazzak And Doomwalker

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WoW: TBC Classic World Boss Guide, Doom Lord Kazzak And Doomwalker

Learn how to find and defeat the TBC Classic world bosses, Doom Lord Kazzak and Doomwalker.

Coming with the weekly reset on June 15/16, TBC Classic is gaining its first new content since it launched two weeks ago. With the addition of the two world bosses, you’ll need to know not only how to find them, but how to defeat them. In this guide, we’ll show their location and a strategy for defeating them.

Doom Lord Kazzak

Location: Hellfire Peninsula, Throne of Kil’jaden in the mount northeast of Thrallmar. A flying mount (or summon) is required.
Level: ?? (tanks will need crush cap)
Type: Demon
HP: 849k
Loot: Here
Strategy tips:

  • If you hit a second enrage you probably lack the DPS
  • Dispel Thunderclap and Twisted Reflection ASAP
  • High Shadow resistance and absorb consumables are a must
  • If you lack DPS for enrage, have the raid move away and let a Paladin tank bubble and overheal them for 15 seconds until the enrage wears off.
  • A player dying will heal Kazzak for 150k HP, so avoid that


Location: Shadowmoon Valley, Outside Black Temple
Level: ??
Type: Mechanical
HP: 2.5M
Loot: Here
Strategy tips:

  • You can avoid the Earthquake stun with shields, which will hit for 8k over the duration
  • Chain Lightning will hit for 2k, before bouncing to anyone within 5-10 yards, damage is doubled for each hit.
  • Overrun will see Doomwalker charge a random player and drop all threat. Tanks must be ready to collect, this spell is repeated multiple times so more than 2 tanks are required.
  • Sunder Armor will reduce tank armor, make sure to tank swap to drop stacks
  • At 20% Doomwalker in enrage, dealing double physical damage, save Bloodlust and cooldowns for this phase
  • Like the Dragons of Nightmare, if Doomwalker kills you, you cannot reengage him for 15 minutes

Both fights are fairly easy for an organized raid group, the difficulty is getting the tag. On high population servers, you’ll face a lot of competition from other guilds all looking to get the kill, and these bosses are very “BMable” with players taunting and dying or chaining your spells.

For those on a PvP server, you might need an entire group dedicated to protecting you from the other faction.

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WoW: TBC Classic World Boss Guide, Doom Lord Kazzak And Doomwalker
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