WoW SoD Phase 3 Release Date Confirmed

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WoW SoD Phase 3 Release Date Confirmed

The release for Wow Season of Discovery Phase 3 has been confirmed, and its soon, real soon.

Through the weekly WoW blog post, Blizzard Entertainment just revealed the release date for it's Season of Discovery title, and its “oh so close.”

“Mark your calendar for April 4 when Season of Discovery Phase 3 goes live at 1:00 pm PDT worldwide. Adventurers can level from 41 to 50, earn up to 10 additional talent points, brave new encounters in the Sunken Temple as a new 20-player raid dungeon, discover new runes and abilities, and more.” read the blog post on Blizzard’s WoW site.

The festured raid for Phase 3 is revealed be the Sunken Temple, AKA The Tower of Atal’Hakkar, The Sunken Temple isn’t an easy location, but expect some “bloody good” fun teaming up with your mates in the new 20 player raid in WoW’s SoD game. The update will also feature a host of new runes and abilities, as revealed by Blizzard Entertainment through the blog post dropped on Monday, March 25.

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WoW SoD Phase 3 Release Date

WoW Season of Discovery Phase 3 is slated to launch worldwide on Thrusday, April 4 at 1.00 am PDT.
The much-hyped Phase 3 update is scheduled to launch early in April, and will bring a ton of new content, a new raid and a lot more to the game.

The Phase 3 release date has been the topic of speculation all across the World of Warcraft community, and SoD Phase 3, like usual, is speculated to last for obviously more than a month, but not more than three months.

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