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David Hollingsworth
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WoW: Shadowlands Korthia Spectral Bound Chest And Keys Location

A Night Elf rides her Shimmermist Runner Unicorn through the strange demonic landscape of Shadowlands

Find out where to find all three keys required to unlock the Spectral Bound Chest

Out of the many daily activities, the Spectral Bound Chest is one of the easiest to do, once you know the location. Containing a selection of Korthia items, the chest is worth doing whenever it’s up. Below, we’ll give you a list of locations where you can find the keys. Remember, the key location changes each day, though only 12 locations are possible.

Where is the Spectral Bound Chest?

You’ll find the chest in the Seeker’s Quorum in Korthia. The location can be found in the image below (the small star next to the S). Generally speaking, the keys do spawn in consistent spaces.

A map showing Seeker's Quorom in World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

Spectral Bound Chest Key Locations

The chest requires three keys each day, and the location will change each day. There are 12 locations in total that you’ll need to check. You can see the 12 locations in the image below taken from YouTuber ZaFrostpet. According to Wowhead commenter Varenne, you’ll find one key to the west of the chest, one near the house to the south and one final location to the north of the chest on the hill.

A map with twelve numbered green squares around Seeker's Quorom in World of Warcraft Shadowlands.
Photo credit: ZaFrostPet

For those with a waypoint addon, you can input the following “/way” command to create a location on your map.

  • /way 61.01 58.69 1
  • /way 62.18 57.71 2
  • /way 60.11 56.52 3
  • /way 59.21 56.79 4
  • /way 52.10 53.21 5
  • /way 50.48 53.67 6
  • /way 52.61 49.71 7
  • /way 54.18 50.60 8
  • /way 57.50 49.32 9
  • /way 59.09 48.68 10
  • /way 61.19 47.61 11
  • /way 62.82 51.32 12

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