Wow Outland Cup Guide

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Wow Outland Cup Guide

The Outland Cup is a limited time dragonracing event that runs from Jan 18th – Jan 31st. Participating in this event can get players various rewards, so make sure to participate if you do not want to miss out! So how can players start the event? 

How to get started 

To get started players will need to pick up a quest from Lord Andestrasz. He can be found in Orgrimmar near the flight master, Stormwind on top of a building in the Trade District, and Valdrakken near the Rostrum of Transformation. This quest will task players with completing all the Outland races. You do not need to get a specific medal for the quest, but if you want some achievements you should shoot for gold. When you complete this quest you will get 80 Riders of Azeroth Badges. Unfortunately for Evokers you must be on a dragonriding mount to compete in the races, so no soaring for now.    

Lord Andestrasz locations

Race Locations 

Below is a list of all the races and their locations with the coordinates included.  

  • Hellfire Peninsula – Hellfire Hustle (75, 44) and Razorthorn Rise Rush (59, 4). 
  • Zangermarsh – Coilfang Caper (36, 37 on top of the giant mushroom).
  • Terokkar Forest – Auchindoun Coaster (42, 67), Shattrath City Sashay (71,70), and Skettis Scramble (67, 65).
  • Blade’s Edge Mountains – Blade's Edge Brawl (61, 27).
  • Nagrand – Telaar Tear (58, 75) and Warmaul Wingding (29, 25).  
  • Netherstorm – Tempest Keep Sweep (68, 47 on the floating rock) and Eco-Dome Excursion (51, 41) 
  • Shadowmoon Valley – Shadowmoon Slam (61, 48) and Fel Pit Fracas (51, 40).
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Each race has three courses for players to try, the normal course, advanced course, and reverse course. Earning medals in these courses will award the player 1 Riders of Azeroth Badge. So if players can get gold on one course that is 3 badges, meaning players have the potential to earn 9 badges at every race. This should give players the opportunity to earn all the badges they need to buy the exclusive Outland Cup rewards.

outland cup cosmetics

Outland Cup Rewards 

There are many rewards players can earn during this event. First there is an achievement called “Outland Racing Completionist: Gold” which you get for earning gold in all the races. This achievement will also reward players with the Ruby Riders of Azeroth Tabard.  

From the event vendor named Maztha you will be able to buy more cosmetics. She will sell the Drake Racer’s Scarf and Outlandish Drake Racer’s Scarf for 5 Riders of Azeroth Badges. Additionally, you can buy an entire set of armor to get the Outlandish Drake Racer’s Silks transmog. All these items are for appearance only and have no stat values. Pieces in this set are 20 Riders of Azeroth Badges each.  

The final new item players can buy is the Manuscript of Endless Possibility for 50 Riders of Azeroth Badges. This glyph will randomize your dragonriding mount’s customizations every time you summon it. So you can try a new look every time you mount up.  

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Maztha will also sell other manuscripts that unlock various customizations for dragonriding mounts for 25 Riders of Azeroth Badges. There is everything you need to know about the Outland Cup. Remember it ends on January 31st so make sure to get those races done before time runs out! 

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