WoW: How To Watch The Sanctum of Domination Race To World First Event

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WoW: How To Watch The Sanctum of Domination Race To World First Event

Learn about what raid teams from around the globe are taking part in the Race to World First 2021.

It’s been a while since we had an RWF event. Thanks to the increased gestation period of patch 9.1, it’s taken us a long time to get a new raid. Thankfully, guilds were ready and waiting with events and live streams for fans to enjoy. With more guilds than ever looking to go for glory, attention turns to the Sanctum of Damnation as North America Guild Complexity Limit looks to hold onto their #1 title for the third time.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top contenders for the title, and highlight as many streams as we can so that you can watch as many teams as possible during the race.

Race to World First Contenders

Complexity Limit:

Simply put, Limit is the side to beat in the 9.1 RWF. Having won back-to-back races, Limit is looking head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. Limit will go back to an in-person event for this raid tier after COVID slowed those plans last time out.

Complexity Limit is going hard on content for 9.1 as well. With a new “After Dark” segment taking place once the day of raiding is done.

WoW War Within Pre-Patch Release Date


The top guild from Europe, Echo is looking to claim their first RWF since splitting off from Method. Despite two second-place finishes, Echo hasn’t looked close enough just yet to Limit, but maybe now in the second raid of the expansion Echo can finally pull through. Much like Limit, Echo will be doing a small in-person event, as RWF teams look to go back to pre-COVID events.


Pieces has come to the forefront ever since their World First victory back in Legion. Thus far, they’ve not managed to reach those lofty heights again, however, that kill has given them the platform to be taken seriously amongst the top guilds.


Big Dumb gaming Guardians, better known as BDGG are the ranked #2 guild out of North America. Ranked just inside the top 10 for the previous raid tier, BDGG is looking to push forward in Sanctum of Domination with the support of Golden Guardians.


One of the guilds that’s been slowly working their way up the rankings, FSY has quickly become a real contender in the RWF, and another big guild coming out of the European region.


The top guild in China, Skyline has been a mainstay in the top ten and more recently top five. All that despite China having to wait two days extra to get WoW patches.

WoW War Within Tier List - Dominate Within


Aster RWF team is a new team for 9.1, forming from old members of Alpha, Aster RWF Team looks set to be aiming to take the title as best Chinese side.

How to watch all the RWF Streams


North America:



Streams coming after July 15 when Asian realms get the new raid.

WoW: How To Watch The Sanctum of Domination Race To World First Event
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