WoW: How To Watch The Great Push Esports Event

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WoW: How To Watch The Great Push Esports Event

The Big Push is a new initiative from WoW Esports and it’s worth your time.

The AWC and MDI have been the two major esports events from WoW in recent years. With Blizzard looking to do more smaller cup events in the future, The Great Push is the first of its kind. This new three-day event will get underway on May 28th and finish on May 30th and will feature a $20,000 prize pool.


The Great Push will be played over three days and feature six teams from across the globe. The aim of the event is to push a Mythic Keystone to the highest level possible in time, rather than the normal format of the MDI which is to finish a specific key fastest. Whereas the MDI is a head-to-head speed run, The Great Push is a high score event.

  • The Keystones will start at level 24 and teams have 5 hours each day to complete dungeons at the highest level possible.
  • The team’s highest Keystone for each dungeon at the end of the weekend will be combined to determine the overall standing.
  • Teams will have four affixes available to them, revealed at the start of each day


The names of the participating teams and their team logos appear in a table next to the words "Mythic Dungeon The Great Push"

  • Ambition: NerfTank, Ellesmere, Asuna, JPC, Onesie
  • Does The Bear Stream: Dorki, Yummy, Chow, Junkrat, YoDa
  • Echo: Naowh, Zaelia, Fragnance, Gingi, Maystine
  • Sheesh: Andy, Thaner, Hippo, Speed, Wildi
  • Skyline: Yelp, Anuo, Yemar, Qingxin, Annie
  • Yep: Rads, jeath, Canex, Clickz, DrJay
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Here's everything you need to know to tune in!

Dates:  Friday, May 28 – Sunday, May 30
Time: 10 AM PT/ 6PM UK/ 7PM CEST/ 3AM ACT
Broadcast Links:
English – &
German –
Spanish (EU) –

WoW: How To Watch The Great Push Esports Event
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