WoW: How To Obtain The Fallen Charger’s Reins In Shadowlands 9.1

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WoW: How To Obtain The Fallen Charger’s Reins In Shadowlands 9.1

One of the newest rare mounts in 9.1 can be yours if you have the patience.

One of the most popular mounts added in 9.1 is the Fallen Charger’s Reins. The mount drops off the Fallen Charger itself, with a drop rate of roughly 15% on a daily lockout. Previously, you could farm the mount as many times as you liked, however, Blizzard opted to lock it to once per day but up the dropped rate significantly.

Where does the Fallen Charger spawn?

The Fallen Charger has three main spawn locations, which change based on what Covenant Assault is up. For Venthyr and Night Fae, you’ll find them in the Crucible of the Damned at /way 16.27, 49.49 inside the Maw. Necrolord Assault will see the Charger spawn in the Altar of Domination /way 27.9, 62.9. For Kyrian, you’ll need to be in Tremaculum, we need to wait for that assault to come up again before we have a better location.

When it spawns, it will make a zone-wide announcement: “An Earsplitting whinny echoes across the maw as the fallen charger begins its ride”.

If the mount reaches Korthia it’ll say: “Fallen Charger releases a final mournful whinny as it fades away.” If you see this message, then you’ve failed to capture it before it reached Korthia.

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How to catch the Fallen Charger

This is where it gets slightly more complicated. Unlike most rare spawns, the mob does not have a fixed location. Once it spawns at one of the above spawns locations, it will make a dash for Korthia. The mount will only stop when engaged in combat and does require a few people to take it down. Thankfully, the run is quite long, and it will show up as a star on your map. So, following it won’t be difficult. The best bet is to form a group, or announce it /1 and meet the Fallen Charger later in its run.

When does the Fallen Charger spawn?

The spawn timer is contested, however, the average seems to be around four hours after it previously died. The Wowhead forums have shown that it can spawn between two hours and 14 hours after previously dying. It’s worth noting that, due to retail WoW’s use of phasing and split servers, it might be very hard to predict when the mob will come back.

What is the Fallen Charger’s drop rate?

The drop rate is said to be around 15%, meaning that it shouldn’t take you more than a week to get the mount to finally drop. Though that’s not technically how maths works, or how WoW drop rates work, so make sure to pray to the RNG gods on this one.

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And that’s that. Congratulations on your lovely new horse mount.

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WoW: How To Obtain The Fallen Charger’s Reins In Shadowlands 9.1
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