WoW How to Obtain Phoenix Wishwing Battle Pet

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WoW How to Obtain Phoenix Wishwing Battle Pet

The Phoenix Wishwing Battle Pet is the latest secret found by the folks over at the WoW Secret Finding Discord.

We love a secret as much as the next person unless the next person is the WoW Secret Finding Discord. They've been hard at work on the latest secret and the fruits of their labor have paid off. Below you'll find a guide on how to unlock this newest pet.

Phoenix Wishwing Battle Pet – What you need

Acquire the Phoenix Ash Talisman

Head to Spires of Arak, and speak with Zektar and purchase 1 Glittering Phoenix Ember, 10 Sacred Phoenix Ash, and 20 Iner Phoenix Ash.

Acquire the Glittering Phoenix Ember

For this, you'll need to defeat Alysrazor in the Firelands Timewalking. For this, you'll NEED to wait for Cataclysm timewalking to be up. The item drops for every single member of the group. Use the group finder or Vormu in Stormwind and Orgrimmar to find a group. Even if you don't want the pet right now, try to get this part out ASAP.

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Acquire the Inert Phoenix Ash

Phoenix Wishwing Battle Pet mobs Phoenix Wishwing Battle Pet map

The mob, and the location you'll find them

Head to the Un'Goro Crater and kill Scorching Elemental mobs in the very center of the zone. Living Blaze mobs also spawn in this area, though they do not drop the item. Kill them anyone to force respawning of SCorching Elemental mobs. This is not a quick process and may take over an hour to complete.

Acquire Sacrey Phoenix Ash

Inside the Spire of Arak are several cooking pots that contain the Phoenix Ash. Look inside the pots to see if the pot has an Ash inside. Below are coordinates provided by the Secret Finding Discord to help you locate them.

/way 37.90 17.92 
/way 42.08 15.86 
/way 44.00 13.72 
/way 44.55 23.34 
/way 45.10 15.00 
/way 52.06 31.35 
/way 52.17 49.97 
/way 52.20 49.82 
/way 61.90 42.30 
/way 68.72 44.49 
/way 68.76 44.50 

Acquire the Smoldering Phoenix Ash

For this, you'll need to kill Phoenix mobs in Dragon Isles. Wowhead suggests  Lava Phoenix or Blazing Firesquall, though other mobs also work. The Obsidian Citadel in the Waking Shores is one of the best locations for the drops. It's worth checking if you have some of these already. You can also find Ash Feathers for the next step in these areas (just read the next step first to acquire the item).

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Acquire Ash Feathers

First, you must head over to our good old friend Griftah in the Waking Shores (/way 25.2 53.7). Purchase the Ash Feather Amulet from him. Now, use the Amulet to pick up Ash Feathers found at the Obsidian Citadel in the Burning Ascent and slagmire. The buff lasts an hour, so make sure to refresh it if it falls off.

To the Waking Shores

Now, we need to head back to Dragonflight and meet up with Tarkin the BLind in the Waking Shores with of Phoenix Ash Talisman. He'll have a “Tale of the Phoenix” turn-in quest for you. You will only see this quest if you have the Talisman on your person. Hand in your Talisman, Smoldering Phoenix Ash, and Ash Feathers to complete the quest.

Claim your Phoenix Wishwing Battle Pet

Phoenix Wishwing Battle Pet

That's it; you're good to go. Turn in the quest to Tarjin and claim your Phoenix Wishwing pet. You can now use your new pet, or sell them at the Auction House for a tidy little profit.

Possible bugs Phoenix Wishwing Battle Pet

According to the WoW Secret Discord, the pet isn't showing up in the pet journal. To summon the pet use the command – /run local p=C_PetJournal p.PickupPet(select(2,p.FindPetIDByName(p.GetPetInfoBySpeciesID(3292))))

If you want to cage the pet to sell or trade it, us this – /run local p=C_PetJournal p.CagePetByID(select(2,p.FindPetIDByName(p.GetPetInfoBySpeciesID(3292))))

WoW How to Obtain Phoenix Wishwing Battle Pet
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