WoW: How To Level Faster In Shadowlands

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WoW: How To Level Faster In Shadowlands

Get the information that will see you hit level 60 in no time at all.

During the WoW: Shadowlands beta and the game’s full release, we’ve seen some crazy speed-running times achieved. During the game’s first day of release, a team was able to do it in just three hours by using some cheeky tricks involving Party Sync. However, we want to look at how you can get from level 50-60 in the fastest time possible on your own.

DesMephisto is the author of this handy little guide, which you can find here. In it, he details the exact route, potions, addons, and other useful tips to see you hit 60 in around six hours. Crucially you’ll get a step-by-step look at each zone, including specific addons that DesMephisto uses and when and where to use items to boost your speed even more.

Not only does the main page of the guide offer an overview of the entire process, but it also shows you key information for each of the 12 specs. This includes talents, crafting, enchants, and Heirloom items. While it might look a little daunting for anyone new to a level guide, once you get the hang of it you’ll shave hours off your time spent leveling.

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WoW: Shadowlands leveling tips

If the guide is a little too much for you, here are a few tips that will help you on your quest:

  • Use the addon AzerothAutoPilot: The addon will automatically pick up quests and turn them in, skip cutscenes, provide a full leveling route, and even pick items for you. We wouldn’t recommend leveling this way if you want to experience the story, however.
  • War Mode: PvP can be scary, but a 10% XP boost (30% for Alliance) is hard to turn down. If it becomes a problem you can always just turn it off in any rested area at any point.
  • Play Alliance: Simply put, Alliance almost always has a 25 or 30% XP boost due to having fewer players in the faction overall, making them ideal for shaving literally levels off your total XP requirements.
  • Set your Hearthstone to key locations: If you’re leveling in a questing hub, maybe set your Hearthstone there. We’d probably recommend keeping it set to Oribos, however, as you’ll be heading back there often.
  • Rested XP: Don’t want to level all in one go or maybe do it in a week? Well, make sure to log off in a rested area (and Inn or major city) to get some rested XP. (This bonus caps at two levels.)
  • Try to avoid leaving the main story: It can be tempting to help that angry orc get revenge on his fallen brothers half-way across the map. We’d recommend paying them a visit once you hit level 60, however, they’ll still need your help then anyway.
WoW: How To Level Faster In Shadowlands
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