WoW: How To Attune To Tempest Keep In Classic TBC

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WoW: How To Attune To Tempest Keep In Classic TBC

With Phase 2 comes Tempest Keep (TK) so let’s look at how to get attuned so that you can enter.

Phase 2 adds TK and the Serpentshrine Cavern (SSC) added to the raid pool. We say goodbye to Karazhan, Gruul’s Lair, and Magtheridon’s Lair as we move fully into 25 people raiding. In this guide, we’ll look at TK, but be sure to check out our guide for SSC here.

Note; this quest can be completed before phase 2.

Tempest Keep Attunement TL;DR

Complete the Cipher of Damnation quest chain > Read your mail and speak to Khadgar > Complete Shattered Halls Heroic > Complete Steam Vaults and Shadow Labyrinth > Complete The Arcatraz > Kill Magtheridon

Step One: Cipher of Damnation quest chain

Probably the longest step of the guide, you’ll need to complete a fairly lengthy quest chain, which involves a mix of solo and group content. The quest chain is the Cipher of Damnation, which starts with The Hand of Gul’dan for Alliance and The Hand of Gul’dan for Horde.

We won’t do a full breakdown here, as Wowhead easily has you covered.

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Step Two: Speak to Khadgar and A’dal

Once you complete the above quest chain, you’ll get a mail from Khadgar asking you to go and speak with him. Do that, then head to A’dal for the next phase of the quest.

Step Three: Clear Shattered Halls Heroic

First up, you need to get your Honor Hold reputation to honored to pick up the key. You can find more information in our guide here.

Once you’ve done that, simply complete Shattered Halls on Heroic for Trail of the Naaru: Mercy.

Step Four: Steamvaults and Shadow Labyrinth Heroic

As before, see our dungeon guide here for full details of the attunement to dungeons. Simply clear each instance and make sure to loot both end bosses, and be sure to put the dungeon on Heroic, or the item will not drop.

Step Four: Arcatraz Heroic

Like step three, you’ll need to clear Arcatraz Heroic and loot the final boss. To get the Heroic key, follow the guide here as above.

Step Five: Kill Magtheridon

The final and hardest step will see you take down Magtheridon. Probably one of the harder parts of any attunement, as Magtheridon is one of the tricker raid bosses to deal with.

However, he requires no attunement to enter, so find yourself a group, kill him and you’re all done.

That’s it, you’re now able to enter TK!

WoW: How To Attune To Tempest Keep In Classic TBC
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