WoW Follower Dungeons Explained in Patch 10.2.5

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WoW Follower Dungeons Explained in Patch 10.2.5

Follower Dungeons are a new feature coming in Patch 10.2.5, but what does this mean? Well, for the first-time players will be able to fill their dungeon groups with NPCs. Let’s look at how it works.  

Follower Dungeons will allow players to enter a dungeon que where NPCs will fill the empty roles in the party. Players will be able to que solo for a Follower Dungeon, or in a group with friends. These NPCs can fill any roll, so you do not need to worry about getting a tank or healer. Currently this feature will only be available for the 8 original Dragonflight dungeons. But I can see this being expanded to other dungeons if players enjoy them.  

Currently Follower Dungeons are restricted to normal difficulty and can only be done if you are between levels 60-70. There will be a 10 dungeon daily limit so players will not be able to grind dungeons all day. Blizzard mentioned in a blue post that they will closely monitor Follower Dungeons and may change this limit depending on how players use this new feature.  

Players will have some control over these NPCs. There is a Dungeon Assistance tool that will appear while in the dungeon. Clicking on this tool will make the NPCs lead the way as long as the player stays close by. When Dungeon Assistance is turned off the NPCs will follow the players. This tool will allow players to set their own pace during the dungeon. Let's meet the NPCs that will be helping players out with their dungeons.

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Captain Garrick is the tank NPC and is a Protection Paladin. The NPC that will keep you alive is Crenna Earth-Daughter, a restoration druid. If you happen to have any open DPS spots then you can get a fire mage named Meredy Huntswell, a beast mastery hunter named Austin Huxworth (with two lovely pets named Nyx and Ash), or an enhancement shaman named Shuja Grimaxe.   

Players who are leveling may want to think twice about doing a Follower Dungeon because XP gain is reduced by 5% per follower. So if you are solo that is a 20% XP reduction, a duo would have a 10% XP reduction, and a trio will have a 5% XP reduction. Players that are leveling may still want to use normal dungeon finder in this case, as you get far more experience. Even this slight reduction can make leveling take that much longer.

The loot in the dungeon will scale with player levels like it does normally, so there is no advantage to doing Follower Dungeons. Instead Follower Dungeons will be useful for players who are nervous about queing with other players. This more casual way of doing dungeons will let players learn the dungeon at their own pace without worrying about upsetting other players. Another major benefit of Follower Dungeons is reducing the time players have to wait in que during hours when not many players are online. This is a problem, especially for DPS players, who often wait 30 minutes for a que looking for a healer or tank. That covers everything about how Follower Dungeons work. Who knows, maybe we will get heroic Follower Dungeons next?

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