WoW Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ Affixes Revealed

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WoW Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ Affixes Revealed

Blizzard has revealed what we can expect from Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ Affixes, by releasing a host of new Dragonflight affixes for Season 2.

For Dragonflight Season 2, three new affixes are joining the rotation alongside the removal of three existing affixes. We'll also see the Volcanic affix getting a tweak, this will come back to the rotation with Explosive now being retired. These are still early in development, so it will be worth heading to the PTR if you want to get involved. For now, we've listed the changes and we'll update this post as things change.

Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ Affixes

  •  New – Incorporeal – In combat, beings appear and attempt to destabilize you with spells that reduce your damage and healing. These beings are susceptible to all forms of crowd control.
  • New Afflicted – While in combat, Afflicted Souls appear that seek your aid. Afflicted Souls spawn with curse, poison, and disease afflictions. Removing these afflictions or restoring the spirit to full health causes them to despawn. Failure to remove their afflictions in time will inflict players with a negative status effect.
  • New Entangling – While in combat, entangling vines snare you.

Dragonflight Season 2 Three Affixes leave the rotation

These three will be leaving the rotation, and players will probably be happy to see a few of them leave. Regardless of your thoughts, it's probably a good sign that Blizzard are willing to make changes, finally.

  • Quaking
  • Grievous
  • Explosive

Dragonflight Season 2 One affix gets an update

Affix changes – Explosive – Fewer Explosive Orbs spawn, but they now have substantially higher health.

Explosive will no longer be returning in Season 2. Instead, Volcanic will join the rotation.

Dragonflight Season 2 seasonal affix

Season 2 will not see a new season affix join the rotation. Speaking ahead of Season 2, Morgan Day had this to say:

“One major change we're making is we're actually just not going to have a level 10, that is to say, the “seasonal affix” like Thundering. There won't be a replacement for Thundering and Thundering is being retired.”

WoW Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ Affixes Revealed
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