WoW Dragonflight Pre-Patch Release Date is October 25th

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WoW Dragonflight Pre-Patch Release Date is October 25th

With just months to go until Dragonflight, we finally have a date for the pre-patch and when we'll get all the content.

So, unlike previous expansions, one thing that is changing this time is a two-phase release. You'll find out more details below, but for a TLDR, Phase One is the talent system, new HUD and accessibility features. Phase two will bring with it Evoker and Dracthyr alongside a new zone and a remake of the Uldaman dungeon. We'll also see a new Primal Storms event, which is this patch's “Legion Invasion” event. These will spawn across Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor and will task players with shutting them down. On Beta, this event was also in effect in Dragonflight; so we might see the event again.

WoW Dragonflight Pre-patch Release Date

Below you'll find details (taken directly from Blizzard) about the Dragonflight pre-patch. We've also been teased “Twitch Drops,” which will run from November 15th until the Season 1 launch. At this time, we don't know what these drops are. Previously Twitch drops have come in the form of cosmetics helms. However, those were items previously on the WoW store, chopped up and placed as Twitch Rewards.

Phase One: October 25

  • Talent System Revamp: Dragonflight contains major updates to World of Warcraft classes, centering on the re-introduction of talent trees. The new talent system empowers players to make creative and meaningful talent choices without compromising their effectiveness—and most importantly, it gives them meaningful options at every level.
  • Heads-up Display User Interface (HUD UI) Changes: Players will experience an updated User Interface (UI) and Heads-Up Display (HUD), allowing customization of the base UI and providing a modernized appearance to the layout and view while maintaining the original design’s charm and personality.
  • Accessibility Features: A variety of new features that will include “press and hold” spellcasting, interact keys, gamepad support, and more.
  • Rated Solo Shuffle: First introduced as a PvP Brawl, we up the stakes by adding the ability for players to earn (or lose!) rating with the introduction of Rated Solo Shuffle. Players will be able to earn seasonal rewards and achievements, credit toward Vicious Mounts, weekly great vault progress, and Conquest similar to Rated Battlegrounds and Arenas. Cross-faction play will also be enabled.
  • New Class and Race Combinations: The rogue, priest, and mage classes will become available to all races to create and play.
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Phase Two: November 15

  • New Race/Class: Dracthyr Evoker Available: Players will menace their foes (or empower their allies) as the new dracthyr Evoker, World of Warcraft’s first-ever race and class combination. Able to switch between a humanoid visage and a fearsome draconic form, the dracthyr are highly mobile, and their unique Evoker class can specialize in ranged damage-dealing or in aiding their allies as a healer by harnessing the mystical gifts of dragonkind.
  • New Zone: The Forbidden Reach: Play through the starting zone for WoW’s newest hero class, the Dracthyr Evoker
  • New Dungeon: Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr: Located in the Badlands within the Eastern Kingdoms, players will venture into Uldaman to lay claim to a legacy of knowledge left behind by the titans. This ancient titan facility is where, long ago, allies of the heroic Keeper Tyr hid the Discs of Norgannon.
  • In-Game EventsPrimal Storms: Ward off attacks from the Primalists with new quests and world events, setting the stage for Dragonflight’s launch.

For more Dragonflight content, you can check out our WoW page. For more Dragonflight news, you might be interested in our Dragonflight Season 1 Tier Guide (which is being updated constantly during the Beta). In other news, we also confirmed that Group Loot is returning for raiding as Blizzard look to phase out Personal Loot.

WoW Dragonflight Pre-Patch Release Date is October 25th
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