WoW Dragonflight 10.2 All Dragon Glyph Locations

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WoW Dragonflight 10.2 All Dragon Glyph Locations

Here's a guide to all the Dragon Glyph Locations in Dragonflight, including Forbidden Reach and the Emerald Dream.

Across all the new zones of Dragonflight, we'll see Glyphs floated in the air. The initial tutorial for Dragonriding will explain this; however, you can go and collect all of them right away. Once Dragonriding is unlocked, shortly into the first zone, head to the skies to collect away and level up your Dragonriding. The guide below will include both an addon option and a /way option

Dragon Glyph Location addon

This is the way we recommend doing it, and it only requires two addons to do it. First, you'll need the base addon HandyNotes to display information on your map. Second, you want the Dragon Glyphs addon to go alongside it. It's as simple as that. The advantage of the addon is once you collect each Glyph, it will be removed from your mount, so you won't need to work out what ones you've missed. The addon is already good to go, and the HandyNotes Dragonflight addon also provides a host of other information about the expansion and its location.

For those using WeakAura's, you can also grab this WA that will take the TomTom data below and create a handy route for you to follow. Note, as with all WA's to be careful as they have a lot of ways to interfere with your game.

Dragon Glyph Location Waypoints

Here are the /way locations for all the Dragon Glyph locations in Dragonflight. You will need an addon such as TomTom to make use of the /way command. There are other alternatives available, but this isn't a feature that WoW has by default.

NOTE – To enter all /way at once, you must use a macro and be in the required zone when you click it. If you're in the wrong zone, the /way will go to the wrong place. There's also a video for anyone looking to see the locations in action. The video also contains other /way locations. However, below we've made them easier to just copy and paste directly right into a macro.

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Waking Shores Dragon Glyph Locations

/way The Waking Shores 57.7 55.0 Crumbling Archway Life
/way The Waking Shores 69.2 46.3 Dragonheart Outpost
/way The Waking Shores 58.2 78.7 Flashfrost Enclave
/way The Waking Shores 74.3 57.6 Life-Binder Observatory Rostrum
/way The Waking Shores 52.6 17.5 Life-Binder Observatory Tower
/way The Waking Shores 41.0 71.2 Obsidian Bulwark
/way The Waking Shores 21.9 51.5 Obsidian Throne
/way The Waking Shores 54.5 74.2 Ruby Life Pools
/way The Waking Shores 73.2 20.6 Scalecracker Peak
/way The Waking Shores 75.4 57.0 Skytop Observatory
/way The Waking Shores 46.4 52.1 The Overflowing Spring
/way The Waking Shores 74.9 37.4 Wingrest Embassy

Ohn’ahran Plains Dragon Glyph Locations

/way Ohn'ahran Plains 85.4 77.7 Dragonsprings Summit
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 30.1 61.3 Emerald Gardens
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 78.4 21.2 Mirewood Fen
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 47.3 72.3 Mirror of the Sky
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 30.7 36.1 Nokhudon Hold
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 58.0 31.1 Ohn'ahra's Roost
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 57.1 80.0 Ohn'iri Springs
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 80.0 13.0 Rubyscale Outpost
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 86.5 39.4 Rusza'thar Reach
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 44.6 64.8 Szar Skeleth
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 29.5 75.3 The Eternal Kurgans
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 61.5 64.2 Windsong Rise

The Azure Span Dragon Glyph Locations

/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 39.2 63.0 Azure Archive
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 10.4 35.9 Brackenhide Hollow
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 45.9 25.8 Cobalt Assembly
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 26.7 31.7 Crektooth Den
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 56.8 16.1 Fallen Course
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 36.7 28.0 Forkriver Crossing
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 60.6 70.0 Imbu
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 67.6 29.1 Kalthraz Fortress
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 70.6 46.3 Lost Ruins
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 68.6 60.4 Ruins of Karnthar
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 72.5 39.7 Vakthros Range
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 53.0 49.1 Zelthrak Outpost

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Thaldraszus Dragon Glyph Locations

/way Thaldraszus 62.4 40.5 Algeth'ar Academy
/way Thaldraszus 49.9 40.3 Algeth'era
/way Thaldraszus 57.7 67.4 Gelikyr Overlook
/way Thaldraszus 55.7 72.2 Passage of Time
/way Thaldraszus 35.6 85.5 South Hold Gate
/way Thaldraszus 46.1 74.0 Stormshroud Peak
/way Thaldraszus 66.0 82.3 Temporal Conflux
/way Thaldraszus 73.0 69.2 Thaldraszus Apex
/way Thaldraszus 61.6 56.6 Tyrhold
/way Thaldraszus 41.3 58.2 Valdrakken
/way Thaldraszus 72.4 51.5 Vault of the Incarnates
/way Thaldraszus 67.1 11.8 Veiled Ossuary

Forbidden Reach Dragon Glyph Locations

Forbidden Reach image

/way  37.6 30.6 Caldera of the Menders
/way 79.4 32.6 Dragonskull Island
/way 62.3 32.2 Froststone Peak
/way 77.2 55.0 Stormsunder Mountain
/way  59.0 65.0 Talonlord's Perch
/way 20.6 91.4 Talon's Watch
/way  48.5 69.1 The Frosted Spine
/way 18.3 13.2 Winglord's Perch

Dragonflight 10.1 Zaralek Cavern Dragon Glyph Locations 

/way 41.6 80.9 Glimmerogg

/way 62.5 73.2 Nal ks'kol

/way 54.7 54.6 Loamm

/way 30.5 45.2 Zaqali Caldera

/way 55.2 28 Slitherdrake Roost

/way 72.1 48.3 The Throughway

/way 47.4 37.1 Acidbite Ravine

/way 48.4 7 Aberrus Approach

Dragonflight Emerald Dream Dragon Glyph Locations

/way 49.9 64.3 Amirdrassil
/way 29.9 21.2 Cinder Summit
/way  45.5 45.8 Dreamsurge Basin
/way  60.3 30.1 Eye of Ysera
/way 21.2 26.7 Furnace Coil
/way  33.7 45.6 Smoldering Copse
/way 61.6 75.4 Wakeful Vista
/way 31.7 80.7 Whorlwing Basin

Do you need to get all Dragonriding Glyphs as soon as possible?

Simply put, no. You can either go out and find them all immediately to improve your speed/duration of Draagonriding, or you can wait. It won't take long to collect them all, regardless. But, if you plan to do it on launch day, it might be a good way to avoid some of the initial lag of the launch. For us, we'll probably grab them as we go, with the addon providing the best way to achieve that without going out of your way.

WoW Dragonflight 10.2 All Dragon Glyph Locations
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