WoW Classic Hardcore Tips and Tricks Part 2

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WoW Classic Hardcore Tips and Tricks Part 2

A handful of Classic Hardcore Tips and Tricks to prepare you for Hardcore and your adventure.

This is part 2 of our tips and tricks, focusing on some more specific tips. You can read our Classic Hardcore Tips and Tricks Part 1 if you've not already done so.

Updated for Hardcore Self Found Mode

Classic Hardcore Tips and Tricks

We covered the basics already, so now, let's look at a few more specific issues that we might face.

Loot and Gold

Updated for Hardcore Self Found Mode: While gold is still important here, you can only use it to buy from vendors. It's important to buy good early white items if you're a melee class. Also look out for “rare” items of limited stock on vendors in the world.

Gold is going to be important in Hardcore. Do you know how to get gold? Loot everything. It's really that simple for Hardcore. Kill it, loot it, sell it, or use it. This is partially due to needing a mount at level 40, and those are not cheap (unless you play Warlock or Paladin). Druid and Shaman will get movement forms, which helps a little as well. With these servers being fresh, the economy is going to be a mess early on. Any BoE items could be worth their weight in gold, so head to local chats or the Auction House and start making money while you adventure.

As for gold specifically, be more careful about what you spend money on. Do you really need that skill right now, or the level two of that skill? Are you going to make that Longsword? If not, maybe just leave that recipe on the vendor. It's important that every gold you spend is good gold spent.

Stock up

Updated for Hardcore Self Found Mode: With no access to the AH, you'll need to look for items on vendors.

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You're going to want to make sure you're stocked up on some key items every time you head out for your next adventure. Food and water if needed, bandages or cloth to make them and, most importantly, potions. Make sure to have a good stock of potions before you head out on your daily adventures.

Buffs and enhancements

A side note on the above and our profession section in part 1, but buffs from elixirs and potions alongside other player buffs are key. If you play a Mage, ask the Priest for their buff in exchange. This was fairly common place in Classic OG, and we suspect it will be here. At the end of the day, everyone is trying to survive, and we think people will be doing their best to help others.

An Alt for storage

Updated for Hardcore Self Found Mode: Not possible

Bag space is going to be at a premium during Hardcore, so utilize an alt for storing stuff on. Make a character first called “mybank” etc and log in, then just mail them loot. Eventually, you'll want to take them to a major city. Stormwind is one of the better options for Alliance, while Thunderbluff is decent for Horde.

Know your area and environment

Caves and buildings

You need to make sure when you enter either of these, especially Caves or mines, etc. Plan carefully before you head inside; what types of mobs are you facing? Are they going to run, or will they cast at range. You also need to know why you're in the cave and how you're going to get out. If it's a kill X quest, maybe look for other players in the area. Need an item, play it safe, but don't sit on the spawn incase you get trapped in the spawn area.

Mobs Calling for help

Be careful of mobs that call for backup. Some Plainstriders in Barrens will do it, some humanoid mobs will trap you and call for help etc. This is why it's so important to slowly work your way into an area, rather than just blasting your way into the middle of an entire camp.

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Don't forget to breath

Breathing is important, and that little bar when you're under water will run out fast. Cheep an eye on it, and don't let yourself drown. There are potions for it, and also Undead players have a better time due to their lack of lungs.

Upgrading gear

We spoke a little about what classes “need” gear upgrades more than others here. But, it's fair to say getting gear upgrades should always be something you think about. If you're a melee, maybe make sure to keep that weapon upgraded and keep your armor up. If you want to keep ahead, getting your professions up is a great way to fill out some missing slots. With the likelihood that you'll be grinding more than usual, you may find you gear ahead of profession items. That said, it can be a great way to fill out slots that you don't find.

Stay ahead of the level curve

Hardcore is… hard, it's ok to admit it. This is especially the case for people playing alone. Do not feel shame in over-leveling and only doing green quests. Hardcore shouldn't be rushed, at the end of the day, if you die, you'll be starting again.

Kit mobs

Just kill stuff. It sort of plays into the one above as well, but if it's on the way, kill it.

Dungeons are dangerous

Updated for Hardcore Self Found Mode: Not possible

Dungeons might well have some of the best gear in the game. However, it's also very easy to slip up an die. If you're doing it, go with a group and ideally get in voice chat.

Crowd Control

CC is your friend, if you have it, use it. Don't take any risks that you don't need to, so CC mobs in a camp or cave to help you out. Many classes have access to CC, some are more situational than others. Though try to avoid fears, unless you're trying to run away.

Enjoy it

At the end of the day, this is all that matters. Take your time, stay alive, have fun and enjoy yourself.

WoW Classic Hardcore Tips and Tricks Part 2
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