WoW Azerothian Archives Guide – Patch 10.2.5

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WoW Azerothian Archives Guide – Patch 10.2.5

The newest event coming in patch 10.2.5 is the Azerothian Archives. Like previous events, this one offers many new mounts, battle pets, and a transmog set for players to earn. All the rewards are cosmetic for this event, so if you are concerned about having to grind upgrades do not worry. 

To unlock this event players will need to go to the Roasted Ram Inn in Valdrakken. Inside there will be a banner with a quest called “To the Archives!” This will take you to Lead Archivist Eadweard outside of Algeth’ar Academy. He will explain the basics of how the events for the Azerothian Archives work. There is also an NPC here named Provisioner Aristta. Players can buy various items from her with the currency they get from completing archive events. The name of the currency is Myserious Fragment.  

Be aware that the Archivists are a new reputation so some items will be locked behind reputation status. The Azerothian Archive reputation has 5 levels. Players will start at Junior, then work up to Capable at 10,500, Learned at 21,000, Resident at 32,500, and finally Tenured at 42,000.     

So where do the events related to the Azerothian Archives take place? Well on your map you will see an event horn in the Azure Span at Trader’s Rest. All the events will take place here, and there is a weekly quest available as well. This quest will reward 5,000 Mysterious Fragments and Archivist Knowledge. This weekly can only be down once a week and is locked to your account, so you cannot do it across all your alts to get tons of currency. Once the quest has been done for the week there is another version of the quest that alts can do that has a lesser reward of Archivist knowledge and a Dragon Isles Supply Cache. Players will be able to move this currency between alts with the Priceless Artifact from Provisioner Aristta. This item will cost 1,000 Mysterious Fragments and when this item is used it gives the user 1,000 Mysterious Fragments.

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Trader's Rest  

What makes this event different than all the others is that there is no long break between each event. For example, with Time Rifts you can only participate on the hour when the event starts, so if you miss it then you must wait an hour to try again. With this event players can join at any time and the event will last 9 minutes. Then there will be a 5 minute break and when that ends a new 9 minute event will start. So players can farm these events for as long as they want to if they really want to grind this out.  

Another unique feature of the Azerothian Archives is the lack of combat in comparison to previous events. Knowing what to do is straightforward as the event objective will be displayed on your screen similar to the Superbloom event. Various tasks you can do include taking pictures, digging up relics, or collecting items. Sometimes a mob can appear while you are doing these things, so the event is not entirely combat free. But it is definitely a lot more laid back than something like the Superbloom. The Azerothian Archives also have solo events which take place at the smaller sites and group events at the large sites. The group events will last 10 minutes and have several stages that players will need to complete. These group events were not available on the PTB so we will learn more about how this works once the event goes live.    

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During the event players will have a bar at the top of their screen that says “Pages Collected.” All players who participate in the event will automatically collect pages as they complete objectives. Once the bar has been filled out, all players will receive the loot box displayed under the progress bar. Unlike previous events where players had to upgrade their reward, this time the reward is random each time the bar is filled up. Similar to other event loot boxes it will drop some reputation, fragments, transmog and items you can sell. The rarest item you can get in one of these loot boxes is the Clayscale Hornstrider mount.

Lead Archivist Eadweard

When the time runs out a boss will spawn that players can kill to end the event. This boss will award players with enough pages to fill out the bar, so it is a guaranteed loot box if you kill it. From here players can wait 5 minutes and a new event will start.  

With a new event also comes new achievements. The meta-achievement for this event is called “The Archives Called, You Answered.” To earn this players must get the Tenured Archivist, Goggle Wobble, Relic Rescuer, Finally at Rest, When a Rock is Just a Rock, Clued In, Tome Comber, and Just One more Thing achievements. There is everything you have to know about the Azerothian Archieves event coming in patch 10.2.5   

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