WoW: Asmongold Goes On Strike As Bots Ravage Game’s Economy

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WoW: Asmongold Goes On Strike As Bots Ravage Game’s Economy

Popular World of Warcraft streamer, Asmongold has gone on strike using the hashtag #StopTheBots as farming bots ravage the global WoW economy.

It seems like Asmongold has had enough of bots on his server, with the streamer going on strike until Blizzard stops the excessive bots ruining the gold economy.

For those not familiar with botting and how it pertains to WoW; basically, people will group up with their own characters (on multiple accounts) and farm Hyber Spawning mobs. These mobs will spawn at a super-fast rate, especially if killed. What this means is botters, who use automated software, are able to mass farm these mobs and sell the items the mobs drop to vendors for upwards of 12 million gold an hour.

Not only does it crash the game’s economy with a massive influx of gold, but it also leads to massive server instability. The farming is often done in older expansions, meaning it’s often not noticed by regular players who continue to play the game, so many are unaware of what’s happening.

Asmongold has finally decided to step up and is refusing to play the game until Blizzard deals with the issue. Gathering his stream (sitting at 42k viewers at time of writing) Asmongold is mass reporting these accounts in the hope something happens.

Popular esports consultant and esports Twitter star Rod “Slasher” Breslau has chimed in for information on Twitter as the situation continues to gain traction across Twitter.

As of writing, Blizzard has not responded publicly to the situation, despite Asmongold’s continued efforts. Though the hashtag has started to gain some traction on Twitter, with fans across Europe and North America tagging Asmongold and using the hashtag to share the botters on their servers.

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After two hours of streaming the issue, a number of the bots in one of the most prominent locations started to disappear. It’s not known if Blizzard had a hand in this, or the botters themselves became aware and logged off. Asmongold is still checking the situation though he has returned to normal streaming.

Asmongold is streaming the event live on his Twitch channel here.

Image credit – Asmongold’s Twitter account

WoW: Asmongold Goes On Strike As Bots Ravage Game’s Economy
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