WotLK Classic How To Increase Nameplate View Distance

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WotLK Classic How To Increase Nameplate View Distance

Learn how to increase the nameplate viewing distance on WoW Wotlk Classic and get the upper hand on other players

One change to Wotlk Classic saw Blizzard allow players the ability to change the distance where they can see the nameplate of enemy and friendly mobs. During Classic, this was set to around 20, which most players coming from retail found slightly jarring. While it took till Wotlk, this is now fixed with the use of a console command.

How to change your view nameplates distance it

To change the view distance of the nameplates you simply need to enter the below command (without the “ “) in your chat window (shown below). Once you hit enter, the command will activate, and you won’t get any feedback that the change has taken place. However, you should now see in-game that your nameplates (V for allied and CTRL + V for enemy) will appear from further away.

“/console nameplateMaxDistance 41”

wow nameplate change

You can alter the number above (41) to any number between 0 and 41 to a distance that suits you better. The default value is around 20 if you wish to have it back the way it was. Most people won’t even notice the difference when moving the distance from 20-41, and if you have certain nameplate addons, you may not even gain the benefit of the console command.

Can you be banned for increasing distance?

No, this command was from an official post on the Blizzard forums. The fix is done via a command and not a setting due to technical limitations. As such, it wasn’t something Blizzard could add into the in-game UI. So, sadly, we’re left having to input console “/” commands. None of these can get you banned, and they’re something you can use to change all sorts of settings, from increasing spell density and ground clutter to altering view distances.

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WotLK Classic How To Increase Nameplate View Distance
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