Worlds Qualifying Series Location Confirmed

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Worlds Qualifying Series Location Confirmed

Worlds Qualifying Series Location has been confirmed by Riot Games, the battle for the last spot of Worlds won’t be played in NA after all.

The League of Legends World Championship is the pinnacle of League of Legends esports every year. The best of the best gather in one of the major regions, playing in multiple locations to determine who will be crowned champion for the current year.

This year, Worlds will be held in South Korea, the region where last year’s champion, DRX arose from. The World Championship travel around the country, so fans can watch exciting matches at multiple locations.

The 2023 World Championship is a bit different from the previous ones: as the Turkish TCL and the Australian LCO has been demoted from the Worlds circuit, the composition of participating teams has changed a bit. The two biggest regions, the LCK and the LPL will send 4 teams each, while the LCS and the LEC have three guaranteed participants – but one of them can send a 4th team through the Worlds Qualifying Series.

Since the announcement of the Qualifying Series, fans have been trying to guess where the extra event would take place. Originally, it was thought that the 4th LEC and LCS teams would clash in North America, with the winner travelling to Korea, but due to the LEC Season Finals ending on the 10th of September and Worlds Starting exactly a month after that, there wouldn’t be enough time for the EMEA 4th seed to travel to the US and then Korea. But where will the Worlds Qualifying Series take place then?

Worlds Qualifying Series Location

On August 16th, Riot Games have finally revealed the time and place for the Worlds Qualifying Series. Instead of NA, the event to determine the last team of the Worlds Play-In will be held at the South Korean capital, Seoul, in the LoL Park, on October 9th, a day before the official start of the World Championship, sort of being a preshow for Worlds.

Worlds Qualifying Series Location LoL Park

This is for the reason mentioned above: neither the NA, nor the EMEA team would make it to South Korea after winning the Qualifying Series when they would have to get visa’s and such, so Riot Games came up with a better solution.

This way, the action of the 2023 League of Legends World Championship starts a day early, as the 4th best LEC and LCS teams will duke it out before any other Worlds teams set foot in the LoL Park to play at Worlds.

So far, only one of the Worlds Qualifying Series participants has locked in, Golden Guardians eagerly await their opponent. The LEC Season Finals is only starting this weekend, so all 6 remaining EMEA teams have a chance to secure their spots in the Qualifying Series, or go straight to Worlds if they can get the top 3 spots.

Worlds Qualifying Series Location Golden Guardians

Afterwards, Worlds is starting, so keep an eye out for the latest news, strategies and match previews on ESTNN!

Worlds Qualifying Series Location Confirmed
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