Worlds 2023 Song References – Every Epic Moment of GODS by NewJeans

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Worlds 2023 Song References – Every Epic Moment of GODS by NewJeans

Worlds 2023 Song References showcase all the most epic moments of the last years of competitive League of Legends – did you catch them all?

The League of Legends World Championship is one of the most anticipated esports event of each year. This tournament is the culmination of all professional LoL played in each season, with the best teams gathering and duking it out to decide who gets to take home the Summoner’s Cup and have their name go down in history.

Worlds 2023 Song References Worlds 2023

Millions of fans eagerly await Worlds for more than one reason: the epic matches, exciting moments and breath-taking performances are some of the best esports one can witness. But there’s much more to Worlds than the matches themselves, like animations, cosplays and the Worlds anthem, a tradition that was started by Riot Games back in 2014 with Warriors by Imagine Dragons. Last year, American artist Lil Nas X was asked to do the Worlds song, and Star Walkin’ went down in history as one of the most iconic anthems.

This year, KPOP group NewJeans are the ones that performed the Worlds song dubbed GODS, which won the hearts of the fans instantly. While different from the songs before, GODS is up there with the better anthems (although it still can’t beat Warriors, which is considered to be the best of the best when it comes to these theme songs).

As usual, the music video is filled with references, with GODS focusing on the journey of Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu, the legendary ADC of teams such as DRX, Samsung Blue, Edward Gaming and currently Dplus KIA. There’s a ton to uncover here, so let’s get right into all the references!

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Worlds 2023 Song References – did you catch them all?

  • First we see Deft walking into Mapo High School – the school he attended with none other than Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok,
  • Then, we see Faker taking on a much bigger challenge than Deft in Baron Nashor, whereas the Marksman only fights a Blue Golem, signalling that Deft is trying to catch up to him,
  • Next up, we have Deft’s first Worlds in 2014, when he was playing for Samsung Blue, but gets eliminated in the semis by PawN and Samsung White while Deft was on Lucian and PawN was playing Jayce,
  • Afterwards, Deft is on the side of Meiko in EDG, but Rekkles and Fnatic eliminate them thanks to Rekkles’ Kennen,
  • Then we see Deft getting hit by a bunch of abilities, which shows all the times he didn’t make it to Worlds or didn’t get past the quarterfinals in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019,
  • With DRX, Deft, Keria and Doran tried again, this time being stopped by Damwon KIA in the quarterfinals, failing to win even a match because of Showmaker and Canyon,
  • The music video then jumps to 2022, the year when Deft made it past top 8 with the help of his teammates in DRX. They were the underdogs all throughout the tournament, as they were the LCK 4th seed and had to fight their way through from the Play-Ins,
  • They meet with Deft’s former teammates such as Meiko, against whom they had to comeback from an 0-2 deficit in the quarterfinals,
  • Doran and Gen.G is the next obstacle, but Deft’s Varus saves the day, even though Doran was a monster on Renekton,
  • The final boss was Faker and T1, and in an incredible epic showdown, Deft, Zeka, Kingen, Beryl and Pyosik manage to beat T1, becoming the 2022 World Champions – with the video showcasing the exact moments that happened after DRX’s win,
  • Of course, GODS also looks ahead, showing all the contender teams of the 2023 World Championship: Ayu from CBLOL’s FURIA, Hans Sama from the LEC’s G2 Esports, Blaber from the LCS’s Cloud9, Josedeodo from the LLA’s Estral Esports, 369 from the LPL’s JD Gaming and Chovy from the LCK’S Gen.G.
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Worlds 2023 Song References Deft

But who will rise to the occasion and take the home the Summoner’s Cup? Can Faker get his 4th, or Deft, Showmaker and Canyon get their 2nd titles? Will a completely new team, such as JDG and Gen.G get their chance to shine, or is it time for the West, and G2 Esports or Cloud9 can prove everyone wrong? We’ll see shortly as the 2023 World Championship starts on October 10th!

Worlds 2023 Song References – Every Epic Moment of GODS by NewJeans
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