Worlds 2023 Previews: NRG

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Worlds 2023 Previews: NRG

With the Worlds 2023 Main Event set to start tomorrow let’s get to know the LCS representatives a little closer.

NRG Roster

  • Top lane: Niship “Dhokla” Doshi 
  • Jungle: Juan Arturo “Contractz” Garcia
  • Mid lane: Cristian “Palafox” Palafox 
  • AD Carry: Victor “FBI” Huang
  • Support: Lee “IgNar” Dong-geun

NRG’s journey to Worlds 2023

In the middle of the 2023 LCS Summer Split, NRG had a 3-6 record record with fans and analysts alike writing them out as strong contenders for Worlds qualification. But they had one of the most impressive and grueling playoff runs in recent history and they managed to lift the LCS trophy in the first split the organization returned to the competition.

But of course the win itself is bigger than just NRG, as the journey for the core of this roster started two years ago with a very young CLG squad. The same top side from that team remained together since then, improving week after week and finally managing to become victorious against all odds.

Now they are once again in a similar position—underdogs, even as the number one seed from the LCS. There is some international experience on the team, mainly the bot lane duo of FBI and IgNar, but the top side they come to rely on heavily will be playing on a stage like this for the first time ever. Of course, Contractz played in a couple of Worlds games during his tenure with Cloud9, but it has been a while since then and he’s now a very different player compared to his last time.

First opponent: NRG vs Weibo Gaming

NRG is making their Worlds debut with an unlucky draw. As a Pool 1 team they had the chance to play against a Play-In team, but they drew the arguably strongest team in Pool 4. But considering the Swiss system tends to equal out eventually, the only effect of this game will be the momentum.

Gen.G VS Bilibili Gaming MSI 2024 Grand Final - Winner Takes all

The matchup itself is a very hard one to judge. Both of these teams are—or were during their regular season—very inconsistent in terms of their level of play, but both stepped up massively during the postseason. Xiaohu was the determining factor in most Weibo games, so how Palafox adapts to the level of international play is very important when it comes to the start NRG is looking at.

How to watch Worlds 2023

Fans can watch every game of Worlds 2023 on the official LoL Esports website, Riot Games Twitch channel or the LoL Esports Youtube channel. Also for the first time in Worlds history, a number of content creators selected by Riot around the world will be able to costream the event.

For more of our coverage of the Worlds 2023 Play-in Stage and the Main Event, you can follow us on ESTNN.

Worlds 2023 Previews: NRG
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