Worlds 2022 Quarterfinals Matchups and Schedule

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Worlds 2022 Quarterfinals Matchups and Schedule

With the Draw Show after the Worlds 2022 Groups ended, the first quarterfinal matchups have been decided.

The Worlds 2022 Main Event is finally done with Bo1s and we will move forward with the Bo5 series from this point on. The Group Stage has been an exciting one, even though it wasn’t a success for the majority of Western teams. LCS representatives all finished their journey with the same record, 1-5, for a combined 3-15 which is the worst Worlds performance for the region. LEC hasn’t fared better either, with the exception of Rogue who finished second in their group. Both G2 and Fnatic had 0-3 Week 2’s and got eliminated from the race early.

LCK and LPL domination was expected once again coming into the event, and seven of the eight qualified teams are from these two leagues. As it always seems to happen, LPL had one team that went out in Groups, this time it being the 2nd seed Top Esports. The strongest LPL team looked to be the Summer champions, JDG as they were the only LPL team that finished their group in 1st place.

The other three groups were all led by LCK teams, T1, DRX and Gen.G, which was celebrated by fans as this situation greatly reduces the scenarios where intraregional matchups occur. This is due to the Knockout Stage format at Worlds, where teams in the single elimination bracket are drawn randomly from two pools and no teams from the same group can be in the same bracket.


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Worlds 2022 Quarterfinals Schedule

Quarterfinals, October 20-23

  • October 20, 4 PM CST (11 PM CET)
    • JD Gaming vs Rogue
  • October 21, 4 PM CST (11 PM CET)
    • T1 vs Royal Never Give Up
  • October 22, 4 PM CST (11 PM CET)
    • Gen.G vs DWG KIA
  • October 23, 4 PM CST (11 PM CET)
    • DRX vs EDward Gaming

Worlds 2022 Semifinals and Finals Schedule

Semifinals, October 29-30

  • October 29, 4 PM CST (11 PM CET)
    • TBD vs TBD
  • October 30, 4 PM CST (11 PM CET)
    • TBD vs TBD

Worlds 2022 Finals

  • November 5, 7 PM CST (1 AM CET*)
    • TBD vs TBD

*Indicates next day.

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Worlds 2022 Quarterfinals Matchups and Schedule
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