Worlds 2022 Group Stage: Day 8 Recap

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Worlds 2022 Group Stage: Day 8 Recap

Worlds 2022 Group Stage is over with Group D finished, and we have our eight final teams decided.

100 Thieves vs CTBC Flying Oyster

It was a do-or-die game for the last North American representatives in the first game, and they had a very good start in the bot lane, getting the first blood and blowing multiple summoners which allowed them to take the first two drakes. 100T was also able to secure the first Herald as Ssumday had control over the top lane and CFO struggled to find any play in the early game. They tried to push bot lane for a tier two, but 100T answered with their own top lane push and still came out ahead. Huhi’s Amumu was the biggest difference maker in the early-mid game as he found angle after angle to get his team a man advantage and let them secure the Soul point. 100T had a stumble in the mid lane at some point, but they recovered with a great fight at the fourth drake as they got a clean ace which gave them the Ocean Soul and let them take one Nexus tower. Still, 100T couldn’t get through the base even with a Baron and the game looked like it was going to be decided at the Elder Drake. But once again, Huhi found another great engage even before CFO had a chance to contest the objective and an ace gave 100T their first win at Worlds 2022.

  • Teams: 100T 1 – 0 CFO
  • Time: 31:36
  • Kills: 20 – 4
  • Turrets: 10 – 3
  • Gold: 61.6k – 50.9k
  • Dragons: 4 – 0
  • Barons: 1 – 0

CTBC Flying Oyster vs Gen.G

We had a very interesting start to the game with GEN splitting the map with a late invade at the bot side, and with both junglers ganking that side lane at level three. And CFO came ahead as they got the first blood in top lane while GEN gank failed. But, GEN reganked bot lane just a minute later and managed to get two kills. Another successful 3v3 in the bot lane then gave GEN a 1k early game lead which they turned into a first drake and the first Herald. Once the map opened up and the fights and the kills started to become much more one-sided for GEN and helped the Korean 1st seed continue their dominance over objectives. They easily secured the Soul point and the Baron after two teamfights and pushed their gold lead to over 10k. With this much behind, CFO had no chance to hold against the final push and with a final ace, GEN finished this game in a dominant fashion.

  •  Teams: CFO 0 – 1 GEN
  • Time: 26:07
  • Kills: 7 – 21
  • Turrets: 2 – 7
  • Gold: 41.6k – 55.8k
  • Dragons: 0 – 3
  • Barons: 0 – 1

Royal Never Give Up vs 100 Thieves

With their backs against the wall, NA’s last hope returned to their tried and true strategy that served them well in the LCS Summer, Senna/Seraphine bot lane as a counter to the still 100% win rate Sivir/Yuumi. And as both teams were content on farming and scaling, we had a very slow early game, even going as far as RNG not contesting the first Herald. But they did contest the drake when 100T tried to go for that objective as well, and the first skirmish was heavily RNG favored as they traded three kills for 100T’s one, who also got the drake after the respawns. 100T had a good team comp for 5v5s, but RNG did a great job at avoiding those big fights and just trading objectives and playing through side lanes, which gave them a small gold lead in the mid game. But 100T then found the fight they were looking for with an RNG engage they turned around in the mid lane and secured the Soul point thanks to it. When the drake spawned, 100T chose to go for the Baron instead twice in a row. Unfortunately for them, RNG came ahead in the ensuing fight both times thanks to the Xiaohu’s Akali. After the final ace, RNG was able to end the game and eliminate 100T from the contention. 

  • Teams: RNG 1 – 0 100T
  • Time: 39:17
  • Kills: 16 – 10
  • Turrets: 8 – 5
  • Gold: 72.3k – 70.2k
  • Dragons: 2 – 3
  • Barons: 0 – 1

Gen.G vs 100 Thieves

With 100T with no chance to move forward out of groups, the only ramification for this game was the seeding for GEN and they were the team that had the good start with a 2v2 first blood for Ruler in bot lane. At 10 minutes GEN ADC was 40 cs and two levels ahead of his counterpart and this pressure allowed his team to dominate all early objectives and take the first tower at 11 minutes. And from this moment on, GEN never took their foot off the gas. When they took a very early Baron at 21 minutes, they were nearly 15k gold ahead and were only one kill away from a perfect game. With their Baron, GEN just pushed for the end and 100T had no chance of holding them back.

  • Teams: GEN 1 – 0 100T
  • Time: 25:08
  • Kills: 13 – 2
  • Turrets: 10 – 0
  • Gold: 54.8k – 36k
  • Dragons: 3 – 0
  • Barons: 1 – 0

CTBC Flying Oyster vs Royal Never Give Up

For their last game at Worlds 2022, CFO decided to give their substitute ADC, Atlen, an opportunity to play and he started the game with the first blood on Draven. But the glory for CFO did not last that long as GALA and Ming turned around a 2v3 with a triple kill for the former, all the while their team was picking up the Herald. RNG continued going towards their bot lane to extend GALA’s lead, which paid off as they increased their lead to over 5k with a 7/1/1 Lucian. CFO tried to get some kills in side lanes, but they had no chance at stopping RNG in any fight and they couldn’t contest when they took the Baron or the Mountain Soul. While CFO managed to hold on just a little bit against the first Baron, RNG just came back with a second one and aced them to end the game.

  • Teams: CFO 0 – 1 RNG
  • Time: 31:43
  • Kills: 5 – 22
  • Turrets: 2 – 11
  • Gold: 53k – 67.6k
  • Dragons: 1 – 4 
  • Barons: 0 – 2

Royal Never Give Up vs Gen.G

GEN had the chance to tie the record of RNG and force a tiebreaker for the 1st place finish, and they had a massive start with four kills in bot lane before five minutes with two of them going on Ruler, which also meant an early first drake. RNG’s answer came in the top lane with a solo kill from Breathe and a bot lane kill with the Gankplank ultimate. The top lane lead for RNG was translated into the first Herald. With the top side for RNG and the bot side for GEN ahead, it was down to who could push their lead more. And for the mid game, that was GEN as they moved around the map better which led to control over the objectives. Despite a heroic steal from Wei to delay the Soul for GEN, the Koreans just went for a Baron and pushed for the end. With Ruler and Chovy fed, RNG couldn’t hold their base in a 4v5 and GEN forced a tiebreaker to end the day.

  • Teams: RNG 0 – 1 GEN
  • Time: 27:16
  • Kills: 6 – 15
  • Turrets: 3 – 7
  • Gold: 45.1k – 51.2k
  • Dragons: 1 – 3
  • Barons: 0 – 1

Tiebreaker – Gen.G vs Royal Never Give Up

The last game of groups at Worlds 2022 kicked off with the first blood for GEN in a top lane gank, while RNG answered with a sub-six minute first drake. And RNG also secured the first Herald thanks to a roam from their bot lane duo. The drake stacking for RNG stopped once the objective fights become more 5v5 focused as GEN had a gold lead thanks to them dominating their opponents when it came to kills. GEN then started a Baron after a pick on a struggling Xiaohu. They finished the Baron and then aced the contesting RNG in a very close fight. They sieged bot lane with this Baron and decided to dive. The dive ended up not being close and GEN won it handily to cement themselves as the 1st seed in a very dominant game.

  • Teams: GEN – RNG
  • Time: 24:11
  • Kills: 20 – 2
  • Turrets: 6 – 2
  • Gold: 50.1k – 37k
  • Dragons: 2 – 2
  • Barons: 1 – 0

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Worlds 2022 Group Stage: Day 8 Recap
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