World of Warcraft The World Soul Saga Details

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World of Warcraft The World Soul Saga Details

World of Warcraft The World Soul Saga is the future of WoW and we've got a lot to cover.

So, we were promised a surprise, and a surprise, or 3, we did get. We have all the details below, from the opening ceremony and the WoW panel that followed. Here is all the info about World of Warcraft The World Soul Saga, that we can find during the opening day of BlizzCon 2023 and beyond.

World of Warcraft The World Soul Saga

  • Multi-expansion… expansion event
  • Releases will come much faster
  • The next 3 expansions revealed
  • Dynamic flight is available right away
  • Standard flying will unlock via the story
  • Dragonflight will takeover from BFA as the new main leveling zone for new players
  • Alpha launches in Spring 2024
  • New Battleground, 10vs10
  • New spellbook UI
  • Overall UI improvements
  • Cross-realm guilds



WoW: The War Within

  • Isle of Dorn Zone
  • The Ringing Deeps Zone
  • Hallowfall zone
  • Delves – new content
  • Warbands
  • Hero Talents
  • Earthen Allied Race
  • “Dragon Riding” Returns
  • New raids and Dungeons
  • Azj-kahet new zone
  • Level cap increased to 80
  • Fast expansion release
  • Likely each expansion just one large patch (not official)
  • One release per year rumored


  • More evergreen features. Looking to bring features forward
  • Features for everyone. From hardcore to collecting
  • Focus on respecting player's time

Four new Zones

Dragon Riding returns with, with the “air lock” technology that was used during Dragonflight to allow players to travel underground.

Isle of Dorn

Discover the land of Khaz Algar, off the western shores of Pandaria and home to the Earthen. Their capital city, Dornogal, will become the new meeting ground for the Horde and Alliance. The zone is home to the land living Earthen, it's like a Dwarf zone but with grass and not snow.

WoW War Within Nerub'ar Palace Tier Set Appearance & Bonus first look

The Ringing Deeps

This gigantic cavern serves as the home of the Machine Speakers, Earthen who maintain the gigantic Titan machines of old. The Ringing Deeps is the zone directly under the Isle of Dorn.



Lit by a massive crystal at its center, this bright underground zone is home to the Arathi, a human tribe who have battled against Nerubians for centuries.


The pinnacle of Nerubian society where Xal'atath, Harbinger of the Void, has been gathering and mutating Nerubian forces to create an unstoppable army.


New solo or small group content.

  • Join the Dragonscale Expedition
  • The feature will be long-term, similar to World Quests
  • Seasonal content and rewards for exploring the world
  • Delves will be added to the Great Vault
  • NPC companion will join you each season
  • Brann Bronzebeard will come in Season 1
  • Will gear and spec up your companion each season
  • Feature is role agnostic, no need for healer, tank, DPS etc
  • 1-5 players
  • Delves are instance, but are seamless, with no loading screen
  • 13 Delves at launch, one is a secret
  • Lots of transmog rewards, very silly hats shown as an example
  • Custom flying mount for Delves players

delves hat


WoW The War Within Warband UI png jpgcopy

Share banks, transmogs etc with your alts as one “Warband”. With Warbands, players will get full account-wide progression with all characters in their account, regardless of faction. So that's a Warband bank, achievements, and changes to the transmogs system to work with this new feature.

  • Allows you to share all your achievements across all characters
  • More additions and modifications to come closer to the time
  • Transmog rules to be changed to make them more alt-friendly
  • “Account-wide everything” (we've heard that before)
  • No need to mail items to alts to give them rep, focus on convenience
  • Warbands won't offer power to your main via your alts. This is purely to help make playing alts more seamless
  • “Warbound until Equipped” allows you to place an item in your Warband chest without getting an item Soulband on your main
  • Reputation is account-wide
  • Flight paths also account-wide
  • Delves also work the same way
  • Achievements “vast majority” become account-wide. Some tech issues stopping a few limited ones
  • A selection of your favourite characters will appear around your campfire
  • Warbands make realms a thing of the past, no need to select from different realms
WoW War Within Nerub'ar Palace Tier Set Appearance & Bonus first look

Warbands 2

Hero Talents

WoW The War Within Hero talents minimized png jpgcopy

New Hero Talents for each class specialization will provide players with a way to progress their characters with evergreen self-contained talent trees that also infuse class fantasy flavour inspired by iconic Warcraft universe archetypes such as a Mountain Thane for Warriors or a Dark Ranger for Hunters.

  • Three Hero Talents per Class.
  • Small self-contained talent trees (as shown above)
  • The feature is unlocked at level 71
  • One talent per level from 71 to 80
  • 10 points in total with several choices
  • Low friction to respec and swap trees
  • Hero Talents will replace the 10 new talents you would earn from a new expansion

Some Hero Talent

  • Mountain Thane for Warriors
  • Colossus for Warrior
  • Slayer for Warrior
  • Dark Rangers for Hunters
  • Keeper of the Grove for Druids – Take inspiration from the mighty Keepers of the Grove to protect the balance and safeguard the Dream. Channel overwhelming natural power into your spells and summon enhanced treants to protect your allies and crush your enemies.
  • Elune's Chosen for Druids – Dedicate yourself to the Moon Goddess, increasing your control over the moon and stars. Infuse your abilities with astral might and call down potent lunar magic from the sky.

New Allied Race Earthen

New dwarven allied race available for both Horde and Alliance.


World of Warcraft The World Soul Saga Details

World of Warcraft The World Soul Saga Details

Eight new dungeons and one new raid

Four dungeons during leveling, and four during max level

  • The Rookery
  • The Stonevault
  • Priory of the Sacred Flame
  • City of Threads
  • Cinderbrew Meadery (max level)
  • Darkflame Cleft (max level)
  • The Dawnbreaker (max level)
  • Old City (max level)
  • No long quest chain to unlock, just buy the game

Nerub'ar Palace Raid

8 boss raid in the Azj'Kahet zone.

War Within will be released in 2024

WoW: Midnight

  • Return to the Old World
  • Void invasion
  • Quel'Thalas

WoW: The Last Titan

  • Return to Old World
  • Back to Northrend
  • Titans will return to Azeroth
World of Warcraft The World Soul Saga Details
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