World of Warcraft Server Status For Classic And Shadowlands In EU, NA & OCE

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World of Warcraft Server Status For Classic And Shadowlands In EU, NA & OCE

Find out if the WoW servers for Classic and Shadowlands are up in your region.

It’s frustrating when WoW servers are down, regardless of if you play on Retail or TBC Classic. Server downtime can be frustrating, so with the handy links below, you’ll know what the situation is if your server is down.

European and American Realm Status

European Realm Status –

American and Oceanic Realm Status –

Check those links to check if your server is up and if not check the steps below to help find better solutions.

Why are the WoW realms down?

One reason your realm might be down is the weekly maintenance. The retail and Classic US servers will be taken down between 7 AM PST and 8 AM PST each Tuesday morning. Over on the EU servers, they’ll go down at 2 AM BST and 3 AM CEST (server time) with the rolling restarts normally taking between 10 and 15 minutes per realm. Blizzard will often update major changes on your Warcraft client, either retail, Classic TBC, or Classic Era.

Bear in mind this is drastically increased on patch releases as Blizzard needs to take down all the servers to apply changes. See the Twitter links below for your region to get up-to-date information.

What to do if the WoW servers are down

You have two options if the above showed your server as being down. Head over to the WoW support page here or head to the Blizzard community support Twitter pages for up-to-date information.

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For EU Support Twitter and NA & Oceanic Support Twitter.

What to do if my server is up but I can’t join

As the last step, if the servers are claiming to be up, but you can not access the realms, then it might be best to head to the official forums. For the European forums head here, and for the American head here.