World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Announce

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World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Announce

World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery was announced at BlizzCon 2023 and oh boy, was it a big one.

In a surprise to some, but we sort of predicted it btw, Blizzard unveiled the Season of Discovery was coming as the next “season” of WoW Classic. We have all the early details below, but we'll update it constantly. For now, we just have a few details, but it sounds

World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery early details

  • Class altering changes
  • Mage healers, Warlock tanks etc
  • The Max level is 25
  • New end game at 25
  • New level cap every few months
  • Blackfathom Deeps will be the first raid
  • Raid is 10-player
  • New and reimagined bosses, mechanics, and rewards.
  • Season of Discovery will have no PTR
  • Launches November 30
  • Karazhan Crpyt a future end game content?

Season of Discovery – What's Changing

  • Level 1 is the same, but at level 2 things start to change with “Runes”
  • Leveling will change via “Discoveries” which will act as new quests
  • No beta or PTR. Focus on the social deduction
  • Discoveries are supposed to fit naturally into Azeroth back in Vanilla
  • Content will be phased by level, with the cap increasing after some weeks
  • All encounters have been designed from the ground up
  • New loot will also be added to the dungeons
  • Outdoor PvP events as the level cap increases
  • Future content could include unused or unfinished old Vanilla content

Rune Engraving

  • New skill that all characters learn by default
  • These work like enchants, working the chest, legs, and Hands slots. Increasing when level cap is increased
  • Runes are learned permanently and can be slotted into gear at will
  • These are independent of talents
  • Shaman and Paladin buffs will be featured for the opposite spec
  • Respect cost reduced, especially at low level
  • Duel Spec coming in future

Class Design goal

  • Some spells are new and unique to Discovery
  • Aim is to shake up the meta
  • Staying true to Classic

New Spells

  • Druid – Skull bash adds an interrupt to Feral druids, while Wild Growth comes to Resto
  • Hunter – Growl becomes a taunt, while Lone Wolf comes to Discovery
  • Mages – Ice Lance, Living Flame, and regeneration gives Mages a heal
  • Paladin – Taunt added, Crusader Strike, Seal of Martyrdom
  • Priest – Penance, Prayer of Mending, Homunculi makes 3 copies of you to attack in melee
  • Rogue – Shadowstrike, Envenom, Just a Flesh Wound, allows Rogue's to tank
  • Shaman – Lava Lash, Duel Wield, Healing Rain, Way of Earth lets Shaman's tank
  • Warlock – Haunt, Chaos Bolt, Metamorphosis,
  • Warrior – Victory Rush, Devastate, Raging Blow
  • More spells are coming

Ashenvale PvP event

  • Zone-Wide event once a certain amount of kills have happened in the zone
  • Take down other factions' leader
  • Camps will spawn in the zone, which buff the main leader
  • Special mount added for Ashenvale for top PvPers

Raids and PvP endgame

  • Level-up Raids added
  • Blackfathom Deeps is the first of these 10-player raids
  • 3-day lockout on raid
  • 7 fully-reworked boss fights
  • Old quests and loot are all updated
  • New secrets added to the raid including a new world buff

Blackfathom Deeps

  • Baron Aquanis – Boss one, now a real boss and not just a quest. Jumping puzzle required to fight the boss, lightly tuned boss to ease players in
  • Ghamoo-ra – Break the barrier to attack the boss
  • Lady Sarevess – Has guards, must turn her spells against her
  • Gelihast
  • Lorgus Jett
  • Twilight Lord Kelris
  • Aku'Mai
  • Other bosses encounters remain secret till release


World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Release

The new season will drop on November 30th, with no public test realm.

WoW SeasonOfDiscovery Runes RunesUI 002 png jpgcopy

WoW SeasonOfDiscovery Runes RunesUI 001 png jpgcopy

World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Announce
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