World of Warcraft Breaks Chains with Timewalking Level Slash

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World of Warcraft Breaks Chains with Timewalking Level Slash

World of Warcraft makes Timewalking dungeons more accessible by lowering minimum level requirements

Exciting news for World of Warcraft players: Timewalking dungeons will soon welcome participants at significantly lower levels. This incredible update is slated to launch with World of Warcraft Patch 10.1.7.

What is World of Warcraft Timewalking?

World of Warcraft Breaks Chains with Timewalking Level Slash

Timewalking events allow you to team up with friends to revisit classic dungeons and conquer them for exciting new rewards. And here's the twist – these challenges have been cranked up a notch to match the skills of players who have risen to higher levels. 

Fans who become part of Timewalking can earn special tokens called Timewarped Badges. These tokens are like golden tickets that let you trade for valuable in-game items. You can use them to get powerful gear to catch up with others, gain favor with old factions in the game, level up special items that can be given to future characters, and gather unique treasures that remind you of your cool adventures. Right now, only players who have reached level 60 can stand in line for Timewalking Dungeons and purchase items from the special Timewalking shops.

What Changes are Coming to The Timewalking Level Requirements?

According to reports, however, more players could get entry to Timewalking once Patch 10.1.7 arrives on September 5th. MrGM, a well-known creator in the WoW community, claims that the level requirement will be significantly lowered in the new patch. 

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He's reported that the entry barrier for Timewalking dungeons has taken a dip on the Dragonflight Public Test Realm. And guess what? It's all tied to the highest level you'd need for each expansion. What does this mean for you? It means you can step into certain Timewalking adventures with a level badge of as low as 30, and dive into all of them by reaching level 45.

Just as it stands today, participants won't be able to take on the enticing weekly Timewalking event quest – an endeavor rich in rewards like endgame raid gear – until they've reached the noteworthy level 70 milestone. A promising change is in the cards, nevertheless. 

They'll still be in the running to gather currency and gear from boss loot, all while enjoying a guaranteed quest item drop that, post their inaugural dungeon triumph, can be swapped for a solid 500 Timewarped Badges each week. This astute move broadens the avenues for players, presenting them with more pathways to level up their alternate characters in World of Warcraft, accumulate eye-catching cosmetics and gear, and fulfill their Traveler’s Log objectives during these designated Timewalking stretches.

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What Are The Fans Saying? 

During the Dragonflight phase, the minimum level for Timewalking was previously raised from 50 to 60, which didn't sit well with many in the player base. As such, the news of the forthcoming reduction in the level requirement is being met with satisfaction. Amid this positivity, a subset of fans is raising the stakes even further. 

They contend that the level requirement should be significantly lowered, suggesting that players should be granted access as early as level 10 – the juncture at which the dungeon finder feature becomes available in World of Warcraft. This proposed amendment would provide players with an array of fresh opportunities to level up their characters.

Although World of Warcraft may not immediately reduce the level requirements any further, Timewalking could be in for some thrilling enhancements in the near future. Clues have emerged hinting that the Siege of Orgrimmar raid might make its way into WoW's Timewalking, and players are anticipating the inclusion of Battle for Azeroth dungeons into the event rotation. Fans can look forward to discovering the new offerings that Timewalking will introduce in future Dragonflight patches.

World of Warcraft Breaks Chains with Timewalking Level Slash
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