Wild Rift: Wild Pass Season 3 – New UI, Wild Pass Boost, Exclusive Skins & More

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Wild Rift: Wild Pass Season 3 – New UI, Wild Pass Boost, Exclusive Skins & More

The new Season 3 Wild Pass will also include a new profile badge as a reward.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is one of the popular mobile MOBA games out right now, and Riot has constantly been trying to make the experience better for the players by making constant changes to the game. The developers recently released the details about the upcoming patch 2.5 and one of the highlighted changes made to the upcoming Season 3 Wild Pass.

Wild Pass is a seasonal pass that allows you to get free in-game rewards by completing tasks; it can be monthly or daily. Once you complete those tasks, you can get free rewards, including Blue Motes or Poro Coins. Also, if you are willing to spend some money, you can actually buy the Wild Pass, which can be bought for 90 Wild Cores, whereas the Elite version can be purchased for 990 Wild Cores, which unlocks the premium rewards. In the Wild Rift 2.5 patch update, there have been made major changes in the Wild Pass; here are the complete details regarding it.

New UI Interface

A screenshot of the new LoL Wild Rift UI Interface introduced in Season 3.

The new Wild Pass interface makes it easier for players to see what all rewards are in the current season pass and also understand what reward they will be getting in each tier. Also, the free and elite version of the pass has been divided into two parts to make it easier to see what rewards can be earned on each tier and each version.

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New Wild Pass Boost and More Rewards

A screenshot from LoL Wild Rift showing a selection screen and a small blue symbol indicating their Wild Pass boost.

Players who opt not to buy the basic or the elite pass can still earn a reward at every level up to 50. However, if any player buys the basic or the elite pass, it will give them a Wild Pass boost which will help them to complete the Wild Pass faster and will allow them to earn more rewards even after tier 50. Wild Pass boost gives more XP than usual when a player completes any given task. Players can spot a blue icon on the top of their screen, which will indicate if the boost is active or not.

New Profile Badges and Exclusive Skins

A blank profile badge screen from LoL Wild Rift Season 3.

When players complete 50 tiers on the basic or the elite pass, they will earn exclusive skins of Hexplorer Jax, Teemo and Tristana. Also, a new profile badge is added as a reward for completing all the 50 tiers.

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