Why Has This Call of Duty Star Moved To Kick…

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Why Has This Call of Duty Star Moved To Kick…

Call of Duty Star, Nadia Amine has moved to Kick and everyone is shocked by the announcement. Here is why we think she made the move.

Nadia K. Amine, better known by her alias, “Nadia” is an American Twitch streamer and YouTuber. She began her journey as a streamer in 2021 to cope with the lockdowns during the COVID-19 Pandemic. She is known as one of the best female Call of Duty (CoD) players out there and plays Call of Duty: Warzone. Nadia Amine gained popularity because of some of her clips going viral on the internet, which consisted of her showing off her exceptional aiming skills in Call of Duty: Warzone. Recently, Nadia went live on Twitch and announced that she is moving to Kick, Twitch’s rival live-streaming platform. This is a huge announcement and here is why we think she made the move so suddenly.

Why has the Call of Duty Star Nadia moved to Kick?

As we know, Nadia is one of the fastest-growing content creators ever on Twitch. She only started her streaming career in 2021 during the pandemic and she already has more than 1.2M followers. Owing to her exceptional gaming skills, she gained lots of followers within a few months of starting streaming. Recently, she went live on her Twitch channel on October 2, 2023 and said she was going to make the “biggest announcement of her streaming career.” Everyone assumed it was going to be a collaboration or something along the lines of that because of her passion for CoD. This is why when Nadia Amine announced that she was going to start streaming on Kick, her fans were completely taken aback.

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She even posted a tweet to her official Twitter or “X” account on October 2, 2023, announcing the news for everyone to see. Here’s the tweet that was posted:

While on live with her girlfriend, Nadia Amine told her fans that this move to Kick was not exclusive and that she was still going to be streaming on Twitch. She further explained that all the “fun content” was going to be streamed on Kick. The “fun content” is sort of like IRL streams, where she will be streaming her experience at parties or her adult outings on her vacation. The first stream she was going to be doing on Kick, as said, was going to be at the Shaqtober Fest. The Shaqtober Fest is a Halloween festival created by Shaquille O’Neal, which was held for the first time in 2022. Many influencers, celebrities and content creators can be seen at this fest each year.

Before the announcement, Nadia had been talking about many fun plans she had for streaming, which she was very excited about. She also mentioned that she had been talking to Kick about this move since January 2023. She even said that this was the biggest deal that she had ever had in her whole career as a streamer. She said Kick was providing her the “resources” to be able to do fun and crazy IRL content. She said that she was excited to be able to do fun and unrestricted content for her audience to enjoy her endeavors with her. Her fans were very excited for her as well and they were supporting her entirely for her move to Kick.

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Needless to say, Nadia’s move to Kick was taken very positively by her fans and fellow content creators. Everyone is very supportive because Nadia Amine has worked hard for her career and has been diligently streaming to get to where she is. Alongside her Call of Duty gameplays, fans are clearly very excited to see different content. Nadia is known for being very outgoing and playful, so it is natural that her fans are excited to see such content. Besides, she isn’t exclusively moving to Kick, so her regular content will still be on Twitch. Hence, make sure to check out Nadia’s live streams on Kick and stay tuned for more news because we will be sure to keep you updated!

Why Has This Call of Duty Star Moved To Kick…
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