Where’s the Sequel? Episode 1: Bloodborne

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Where’s the Sequel? Episode 1: Bloodborne

In this series, we will talk each time about a different game that we think deserves a sequel. For this first episode, we decided to start immediately by talking about one of the most loved and talked about games of recent years: Bloodborne. The hunters who have ventured into this dangerous, dark, and challenging adventure have long been clamoring for a sequel, but FromSoftware doesn't seem to be of the same mind, at least for the moment.

Bloodborne story

The setting for Bloodborne is the decaying gothic city of Yharnam, which is renowned for having pioneered the technique of giving blood. The main character will arrive in the city in quest of a solution to treat himself from a mystery condition known as blood withered, as have many other travelers over the years who have sought a cure for their ills.

Upon arriving in the city, he learns that almost all of the locals have been changed into monster creatures by a mystery endemic disease that has tormented Yharnam. On the night of the Hunt, the player will then need to explore the city's streets while taking down its infected residents in order to put an end to the plague's beginnings and leave the Nightmare.

After students of Byrgenwerth Academy found the ruins of an old civilization where Yharnam now sits, the locals of Yharnam long ago started to worship ancient and enigmatic creatures, known as Great Ones. The city was thereafter given the blood for which it is famed by the Great Ones, who also brought about the plague at the same time.


Bloodborne gameplay

A third-person action RPG with exploration elements, it plays remarkably similarly to FromSoftware's earlier titles Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. The mechanics for the counterattack, backstab, and parry have all been updated in addition to the new features. The latter is done with the use of firearms, which can only be equipped in the left hand and is specifically used for holding melee weapons given the lack of shielding.

There are numerous equipment sets available, all of which can be found in secret locations across the game environment or unlocked by eliminating specific foes. Blood echoes have taken the place of the souls from Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, and insight points will allow the player to see more, but at the expense of increased vulnerability to the Madness negative status and the boosting of specific opponents.

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You can utilize different runes, which can be equipped four at a time, and gems to improve your hunter. With these items, you can raise the damage of your weapons or change other aspects of them, including how much energy is required to use them or if they cause poisoning damage. The gems are categorized into categories based on their shape, the type of effect they create, and their level; typically, the most potent gems are awarded at random in the Chalice Dungeon, an optional dungeon that isn't directly related to the main plot. The spells and miracles of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls have been replaced by offensive tools including Molotov cocktails, knives, and the special tools of the hunter. These offensive tools are also available in addition to the main weapons.

The bonfires from Dark Souls have been replaced by lanterns in terms of the character's post-death reincarnation mechanics. The main region called Dream Hunter is where you can level up your character, purchase healing or fighting goods, and upgrade your own weapons. The areas of the main story can still be accessible straight from this area, despite the fact that they are interconnected.


Bloodborne 2 rumors

The rumors regarding Bloodborne have been many and insistent for years. We go from a remastered for PC and PlayStation 5, to a remake, up to a hypothetical Bloodborne sequel. At the moment, there is nothing official, as FromSoftware has never expressed itself on this matter. The hopes of the fans are always the last to die, but the Japanese software house does not seem to have any idea in the pipeline about the Bloodborne IP. The only thing that fans of the game have received so far is a fan-made demake of the game revisited in the PlayStation 1 style, but nothing more. Who knows if the development team will ever decide to listen to the voice of the community or not.

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Bloodborne 2: What we would like to see

In Bloodborne, players can parry with guns, unlike in the Dark Souls series where you can use shields. It may be more practical for some players to parry in this manner, however, we do believe, though, that it would be wonderful if players were free to select their playstyle and weapons. Naturally, the creators shouldn't stop at shields and not include other kinds of weapons as well.

Like Dark Souls, the original game was a location-based corridor game. However, a dark gothic-style open world would look awesome. Additionally, bigger areas might present a fantastic chance to include more Lovecraftian creatures in the game. We think that after what we have seen in Elden Ring, this is the right direction to pursue.

As a result, two other elements we would like to see in a hypothetical Bloodborne 2 are a greater variety of weapons and enemies in the game. Those present in the first game were well cared for in design, as regards the enemies, and guaranteed satisfactory gameplay, as regards the weapons. Of course, however, in a hypothetical sequel, the developers would have to raise the bar and aim even higher by adding more stuff.

Also, while not as important as the things just mentioned, seeing a more structured character editor that leaves more inventiveness to the players would be a very welcome addition. In games like this, there are many who spend a lot of time creating their own character to create their perfect alter ego, so having more choices would certainly help in this regard.

Finally, and here many could probably turn up their noses, we would like to see a more accessible multiplayer that leaves the complex mechanics characteristic of FromSoftware games a little behind. A multiplayer system seen such as in Nioh 2 could represent the right compromise for those who want a faster and more effective solution and those who instead want to remain anchored to the old system.


Where’s the Sequel? Episode 1: Bloodborne
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