Where to find Firebrand Fystia WoW Dragonflight 10.2

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Where to find Firebrand Fystia WoW Dragonflight 10.2

10.2 has introduced The Emerald Dream to WoW (finally), and alongside it comes a number of rare enemies. None more so than Firebrand Fystia.

Firebrand Fystia is a bit of a shy rare spawn, but, well worth keeping an eye on if you can especially if you want the achievement to progress. Firebrand Fystia is probably the hardest to catch of the rare spawns, but, it's worth keeping an eye on so let's get into it.

Where to find Firebrand Fystia

fystia location Location

That's the location, but if you're a cords user, then you'll find them at 31.0, 20.0. Fystia is found in the uppermost corner on the West side of the map, near the portal as seen on the image on the right. If you arrive, and all you see is a portal and not a lot else, then the event isn't live. However, if you see a bunch of enemies (you can see them dying above) then the event is live. Alongside some other players, and you'll see the Bonus Objective tracker appear.

Simply fill the bar, wait for Fystia to spawn and take her down. It's a fairly simple fight, just hope that you have a healer if you're a tank because you'll probably die. Fystia has a fairly long spawn time, so you won't gain much from just waiting around for her to spawn. The spawn rate isn't confirmed, but it's very long, so probably just go over and check out the spawn spot when you're in the area. It's also very likely that folks in /1 will be giving people a heads-up when she does finally spawn.

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Note: On the release date, Fystia was bugged, and either wasn't spawning or wasn't giving credit.

Where to find Firebrand Fystia WoW Dragonflight 10.2
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