What We Know About the Upcoming PS5 Pro

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What We Know About the Upcoming PS5 Pro

The PS5 Pro is aiming for 8K gaming

Trusty leaker Tom Henderson from Insider Gaming, who has accurately reported on the Q handheld and DualSense Edge controller, predicts a release date for the PS5 Pro in 2024. He suggests that the developer kits will start shipping this November. While writing for the website “Key to Gaming,” Henderson disclosed detailed facts regarding the development and specs of the PS5's stronger sibling. The release of this console will be a big push towards standardizing 8K and constant 60 FPS on 4K resolution.

What We Know About the Upcoming PS5 Pro Insider Gaming

PS5 Pro leaked Specs

Even though it's hard to get exact numbers, sources have stated that the PS5 Pro will come with 18,000 MT/s memory and a 30 WGP (workgroup processor). He says that the new system will aim for more stable framerates at 4K resolution and will have a new outstanding “performance mode” for 8K resolution alongside “accelerated ray tracing.” 

This news has come to raise many eyebrows since there are not many people who can afford that display currently. Therefore, the market they’re targeting with this powerful device is rather narrow.

Henderson claims that Sony has already begun organizing demo events for the PS5 Pro, which has been given the codename “Project Trinity” to match the other Matrix-inspired codenames the corporation has used in the past, such as “Neo” for the PS4 Pro and “Morpheus” for the first PlayStation VR. 

PS5 Pro Rumoured Release Date

The many rumors we've seen spreading over the past few years can be explained by the fact that the PS5 Pro has reportedly been under development since early 2022. According to Henderson, most game developers should get their devkits by November 2023. 

When asked about when the PS5 Pro would be available for purchase, he responded: “Whether or not a PlayStation 5 Pro console is desired enough in the current market remains to be seen, but as of writing, the PlayStation 5 Pro is in development and is targeting a November 2024 release date.”

PS5 Pro Rumoured Price

The potential cost and the time of Sony’s formal unveiling of their updated PlayStation hardware are yet unknown. We anticipate that the PS5 Pro will cost more than the standard PS5, but exactly how much more is still in the air.

For comparison, the original PS4 was priced at $399 when it launched in 2016; later, it was reduced to $299. On the other hand, even three years after its debut, the base PS5 remains at the same price. Therefore, it seems likely that the PS5 Pro won't be priced the same as the original model, especially given all the advancements inside its exterior that are rumored to be included. 


The rumors of a possible release of a more powerful version of the PS5 have us all rubbing our hands with excitement. Uncertainty surrounds whether 8K gaming will become the norm for the current generation or the ultimate luxury. Despite widespread concerns about the hardware's affordability, it is high time we celebrate the advancements gaming consoles have made over the years.

What We Know About the Upcoming PS5 Pro
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