What is a Fury Kill in MW3? Get Dramatic MW3 Fury Kills

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What is a Fury Kill in MW3? Get Dramatic MW3 Fury Kills

What is a Fury Kill in MW3? MW3 fury kills are an interesting side of the game that can get you one of the most fun weapons in the game.

Modern Warfare 3 has tons of new mechanics and one of the most fun features of gameplay is the different ways you can get kills. If you’re hoping to get a high killstreak and call in bigger utility, then using the MW3 Fury Kill could go a long way. If you’re wondering what is a Fury Kill MW3, it’s a type of kill combo. However, it’s one that might take some specific situations to come up.

Multiplayer currently has quite a few rewards they give you for specific types of kill. It matters how and when you take out opponents. Getting a multi-kill streak is impressive in any game, but with the MW3 Fury Kill it can help you get to your killstreak targets quicker. If you want to win in MW3 multiplayer, optimizing your kills with these rewards can go a long way. What is a Fury Kill in MW3 and how do they work?

What is a Fury Kill in MW3?

Fury Kill in MW3

A Fury kill in Modern Warfare 3 is one of the different types of multi-kill streaks you can unlock. A Fury kill is one of these which can be quite difficult for some though. To unlock this one, you’ll need to kill four different enemies in a row. You’ll have to get all four eliminated in quite a short amount of time, you can have a brief pause in between but not very long. This can be pretty tricky to pull off depending on which CoD game you’re playing.

In Warzone, this is a tricky kill streak. Although, if you’re in Modern Warfare 3’s standard multiplayer it gets substantially easier. You’ll still need a decent bit of skill to get a MW3 fury kill, or be using one of the OP loadouts in the game. There are particularly some weapons which are better for this than others.

Why would you want to do a Fury Kill in MW3? It’s a tool which you’ll need to utilize to complete a challenge. The Eradicator LMG is unlocked by completing a challenge of getting three Fury Kill. For a lot of players, this will happen without too much effort. However, you can try to maximise your chances if you really want to get the challenge completed quicker.

How to Get a MW3 Fury Kill

MW3 Fury Kill

If you’re looking to get a Fury Kill in MW3 there are a few different approaches you can take. They all come down to dealing damage quickly though. If you’re utilizing a high output weapon like an LMG, you might able to get this done within a few clips if you strike once an enemy team is heavily weakened. A hard hitting shorter firing weapon can also help, like the best shotgun loadouts in MW3. Although, you’ll still have to be quick to hit three different enemies within the time limit.

Another option is to head to multiplayer with some cooperative players and just get it done without focusing on the actual objective. This might be kind of overkill though. The MW3 Fury Kill challenge is actually a fairly simple one.

Try to leap on a situation if there’s the potential for wiping out a good part of a squad is there. Across the rough and tumble of each game, there should be a chance for this pretty frequently. Once you get it done, you’re able to unlock all of the top LMGs in MW3. If you’re particularly focusing on that weapon class, then this challenge should be one of the first things you complete.

What is a Fury Kill in MW3? Get Dramatic MW3 Fury Kills
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