What Changes Are Coming To EA FC 24 Clubs?

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What Changes Are Coming To EA FC 24 Clubs?

EA FC 24 Clubs mode is set to introduce some significant changes to FIFA’s Pro Clubs 

Exciting changes are on the horizon for Clubs in EA Sports FC 24. We've compiled a list of all the new additions to help you stay informed about the latest EA FC 24 Clubs changes. 

What Changes Are Coming To  EA FC 24 Clubs?

Now that the Deep Dive trailer for the updated Clubs mode in EA Sports FC 24 has been released, let's explore the new Clubs features that will be available when the game launches on September 29th.

New Club Seasons Format 

The Clubs League Seasons format in EA FC 24 is getting a complete makeover, as the developers have structured the season into two components: the League Phase and the Playoff Phase.

During the League Phase, teams go through their standard matches, aiming to collect points and make progress within divisions. When they achieve a certain points threshold, promotion matches become active. Clubs must win a specific number of upcoming games to secure promotion to the division above.

What Changes Are Coming To EA FC 24 Clubs?

There will be no relegation in the new EA FC 24 Clubs mode (Photo Credit: EA Sports)


Relegation won't be a concern during the League Phase, meaning losses or late draws won't have the same severe consequences as before. Instead, League Seasons will reset every six weeks, granting rewards depending on a club's present division. Clubs will also be moved down a certain number of leagues as part of this reset.

As the season reaches its last week, the Playoff phase starts. All clubs are divided into groups according to their rank and compete to gather points and ascend the Playoff standings. If the scores are tied after 90 minutes, penalty shoot-outs will determine the winners of these matches. Those who secure the highest positions in the table will receive substantial rewards for their club.

EA has introduced dynamic intros that match the game's importance. For example, if you're participating in the playoffs with the goal of earning promotion, a specially designed intro will be shown.

Club Identity

In EA FC 24, a new feature called Club Identity will be introduced. This reputation system tracks your club's progress through the divisions, allowing you to gain fans. As you do so, you'll unlock bigger stadiums, improved AI players, and cosmetic enhancements.

image 2

Players will get upgraded arenas for their team as they move to upper divisions (Photo Credit: EA Sports)


In addition, you'll have the chance to personalize your stadium, make use of animated tifos, and showcase the trophies you have won right by the side of the pitch. 


For the very first time, EA Sports FC 24 Pro Clubs will include crossplay, as confirmed by the developers. This crossplay will have a restriction, nonetheless, as it'll only work for matches within the same console generation. This means that players using PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC can play together, alongside those on PS4 and Xbox One. 

Players using different console generations cannot take this advantage, meaning a PS4 player cannot play with someone on a PS5. 

New Vanity Items 

Clubs in FC 24 is getting a bunch of fresh player vanity items, offering you more options to customize and personalize your player to achieve your desired appearance. This goes beyond just clothing – additional features like tattoos are also being introduced, providing you with greater freedom to shape your in-game character.

image 3

EA FC 24 will give players more player customization options than its predecessors (Photo Courtesy: EA Sports)



Clubs is adopting PlayStyles this year, consistent with the approach used in other sections of EA Sports FC 24. Unlike Perks, which compensate for your player's limitations, PlayStyles are crafted to boost your strengths, making you remarkable and a standout performer in specific areas of play.

What Changes Are Coming To EA FC 24 Clubs?
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