Warframe Auger Mods Guide – What are They and How to Farm?

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Warframe Auger Mods Guide – What are They and How to Farm?

Wondering how to farm up the Auger mods in Warframe and get access to mod set bonuses? Here's all you need to know about it

Mods are one of the most important resources in Warframe, allowing you to add buffs and bonuses to your weapons, equipment, and your Frame itself. There are thousands of different mods in the game by now, with many being added with each new update. Some mods can even switch up how you use a specific weapon entirely.

Augur mods are a special type of mod that gives an extra bonus when you use a couple of them together. They were introduced in the Update 22.0 back in 2017. But since many new people are jumping into the game with the new Whisper in the Well update, it’s natural that they didn’t get to read the old Patch notes.

And that’s what brings us here. If you’re getting into the universe of Warframe, we’re sure you’re feeling lost and confused. But we’re here to guide you one step at a time.

In this article, we’ll give you a complete rundown of everything you need to know about Auger mods and how to farm them. So let’s get started.

What are Auger Mods in Warframe

Auger mods are a type of mods in Warframe that give you different bonuses for your character. However, they are different from regular mods in the game in many ways.

For one thing, unlike basic mods like Intensify or Mobilize, you can’t fuse or upgrade an Auger mod. The base version that dropped for you will remain the same throughout your journey. Not only that, you also can’t upgrade the rarity of Auger mods.

That means if you got a Bronze Auger Mod from doing one of the missions, you can’t upgrade it to Silver or Gold rarity. You need to farm the rarer Auger mods separately.

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How to Farm Auger Mods

You can farm Auger mods by doing the Cetus Bounty missions available in Plains of Eidolon. To get access to these missions, you must first complete an introductory bounty mission for Konzu.

Once you unlock the Bounty Board, you’ll see a list of bounty missions with varying rewards. Not all bounties will give you Auger mods as rewards. You can check the reward list before you take on a level, though. So, if you only want to farm these mods and these mods, then check if it’s listed in the Reward list before you accept the mission.

These missions also offer many other excellent rewards, including parts for several Warframes. So even if you don’t need the Auger mods, doing these quests is a great way to farm up some rare resources or Warframe parts.

The Bounty board refreshes periodically, switching out the missions and their corresponding rewards. So make sure you check back in from time to time if you’re grinding for loot.

How Many Auger Mods Are There?

As of today, there are currently six Auger mods that you can farm in the game. Each of them offers varying stats, and once you equip all of them, you get a massive percentage boost to your Shield depending on how much energy you spend on your abilities.

Equipping one Auger mod converts 40% of your spent energy into shields. It further increases by 40% for each Auger mod you use on your Warframe. Equipping all six Auger mods converts 240% ability energy into Shield for your Warframe.

Keep in mind, not all Warframes are made equal, and Frames that rank higher on our tier list often don’t even benefit all that much from these mods. However, it’s always fun messing around with mods, so it’s fine if you want to try them out.

Here’s what each Auger mod gives you.

1. Auger Secrets

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Credit: Warframe Fandom

Auger Secrets is a set mod for your Warframe. When equipped on a Warframe, it boosts the strength of all its abilities by 24%. It's not a bad boost when you put it on a Warframe that relies on its skills rather than its weapons.

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2. Auger Reach

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Credit: Warframe Fandom

Auger Reach is another ability-focused mod for your Warframe. Instead of boosting the ability strength, this mod boosts the range of your Frame’s abilities by 30%.

Of course, mods like Overextended or Stretch are always better if you want to fully boost your Warframe’s ability range. But if you want to get the mod set bonus from Auger mods, this is a good one to use.

3. Auger Message

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Credit: Warframe Fandom

Auger Message is the final ability-focused Auger mod in the game. This one increases the duration of your Warframe’s ability by 24%. Not all Warframe will benefit from it. But Frames such as Volt, Loki, or Trinity can utilize this mod quite effectively.

4. Auger Seeker

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Credit: Warframe Fandom

Auger Seeker is a pistol-specific Auger mod that buffs up the duration of status effects such as Radiation, Heat, etc. Equipping this mod on a pistol that deals status effects will buff up its duration by about 90%.

5. Auger Pact

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Credit: Warframe Fandom

Auger pact is a damage mod for your Pistol. It gives a 90% boost to your Pistol’s damage output.

6. Auger Accord

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Credit: Warframe Fandom

Auger Accord is the final Auger mod in the game. It’s another Warframe mod that boosts the Shield Capacity of your Warframe by 70%. Since Auger mod sets offer a buff to the shield, it’s a good one to equip if you plan on running multiple of these mods on your character.

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If you’re itching to get your hands on a couple of Auger mods to try out the set bonuses and you can’t be bothered with the grind, simply buying them is an option. But as the folks at Digital Extremes say, “Ninjas Play Free.”

Now that you know where to farm these mods exactly, you should be able to grab them pretty easily. So good luck, and start grinding.

Warframe Auger Mods Guide – What are They and How to Farm?
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