Warcraft Rumble Season 5 To Drop Soon, Faerie Dragon Revealed

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Warcraft Rumble Season 5 To Drop Soon, Faerie Dragon Revealed

Warcraft Rumble Season 5 is close, and it has a lot to offer. Join us as we uncover some of the things we expect to see.

Following the arrival of Warcraft Rumble Season 4, we are slowly but steadily preparing for Warcraft Rumble Season 5. There were a lot of rumors about what is to come, but Blizzard finally decided to share some information. By the looks of it, we will finally have access to the Faerie Dragon that was shown at BlizzCon 2023.

Warcraft Rumble Season 5 Faerie Dragon

The newest season of Warcraft Rumble will include a lot of interesting things, including a brand-new troop. Faerie Dragon will be available in Warcraft Rumble Season 5 starting on April 17. Players will be able to earn it as a Guild Chest reward, as well as via PVP.

Unfortunately, players won’t be able to get the Warcraft Rumble Faerie Dragon from the G.R.I.D until Season 6 arrives. Aside from the two options mentioned above, you can also add this troop using the store offers. According to Blizzard, there will be one at the beginning of the season, in the middle of it, and another one once it’s almost over.

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You probably want to know more information about Faerie Dragon, so here are some of the basics:

  • Traits – Element, Resist, Detect Invisibility, Nullify, Flying
  • Deploy Cost – 3 Gold
  • HP – 180
  • Damage – 170
  • Famil – Cenarion

Nullify is a new trait that will allow the hero to become immune to Burn, Stun, Pison, and even slowing effects. Faerie Dragon will even have the option to detect invisible units. 

Regarding the unit’s talents, it will have the following:

  • Phase Shift – It will teleport him back when he is attacked
  • Invisibility
  • Fae Blessing – This will grant resistance to an ally

New Emotes

Besides the addition of Faerie Dragon, Warcraft Rumble Season 5 will also give us access to new emotes. We will get the Pyromancer Rock On and Gnomelia Thumbs Up emotes. The latter will be available via the Guild War Chest, whereas the first option will have to be earned via PVP (you will need 12K honor).

Warcraft Rumble Season 5  – An In-Game Present

Warcraft Rumble Season 5 will give us access to a special present. Available between March 30 and April 8, players who have 25 Sigils will get a present that has coins, a Majro Time, and minis. 


We expect to see even more changes from the Warcraft Rumble Season 5 once it becomes available. We will definitely keep an eye on everything and let you know if we learn something new.

Warcraft Rumble Season 5 To Drop Soon, Faerie Dragon Revealed
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