Warcraft 3: Infi Smashes Happy 3-0 to Win Huya Super League

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Warcraft 3: Infi Smashes Happy 3-0 to Win Huya Super League

Wang “Infi” Xuwen, the Warcraft 3 star playing for Humans, showed an impressive performance at HSL and took home the victory. Throughout the tournament, he didn't lose a single map and ended the event with a 9-0 score. His final match versus Dmitry “Happy” Kostin was a bit harder, but Infi left no chances for his opponent to win.

All three maps (Concealed Hill, Northern Isles, and Twisted Meadows) were played up to the late-game stage, but Infi defeated Happy with a triple classic combo Archmage-Mountain King-Paladin.

The interesting thing is that we didn't see Amazonia, the most played map of the event (9 times played) in the final match.

Shortly after the end of HSL, the 2020 Chinese New Year Cup will begin. It will feature a bunch of Asian Warcraft 3 stars attending the event and Happy as an exciting addition to the lineup of participants.

Here are the Huya Super League final standings:

  1. Infi (Human), $4.334
  2. Happy (Undead), $2.889
  3. Sok (Human), $1.445
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