WoW The War Within Roadmap and Release Date Info

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WoW The War Within Roadmap and Release Date Info

Blizzard Entertainment has announced the release date and a War Within Roadmap detailing the launch of the newest World of Warcraft expansion, The War Within.

The War Within, is the first in the three-part arc, called the Worldsoul Saga. Blizzard announced the release date for the ambitious WoW expansion alongside a cinematic and a features overview of all the new content slated to arrive in the upcoming expansion. War Within Expansion is scheduled to release for all players worldwide on August 26.

WoW The War Within Roadmap

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The War Within is now live in beta, and fans can purchase the Epic edition for Beta access. While the full-fledged  live-server launch is scheduled for August 26, fans who pre-order the top-most edition of the game will get early access to the expansion starting from August 22.  The expansion’s Season 1 Raid will allow players to take on Nerubian forces in Azj-Kahet.

The new expansion will bring four new zones, a new race in the form of the Earthen Dwarves, Delves, Warbands, and so much more.

The War Within Season 1 aka The First Raid will begin on September 10, 2024.

The War Within will be followed by a sequel expansion called Midnight, with the Last Titan as the final expansion in the series to end the three-part saga. Blizzard revealed the upcoming expansions at Blizzcon 2023, and we’ve inched closer to the release date. While the expansion is still in beta, it will launch on early access for players who purchase the top-most edition available for the game, the Epic Edition.

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World of Warcraft: The War Within launches for players on Monday, August 26.

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