Void Eggs, Living Ships, and Everything You Need to Know

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Void Eggs, Living Ships, and Everything You Need to Know

Are you tired of flying non-sentient ships? Then you need to know everything there is to no about Void Eggs and Living Ship with our guide

Unveil Void Eggs and Living Ships, exceptional vessels in No Man's Sky with universal hyperdrives and low-maintenance requirements and explore various routes to acquire these unique ships with our comprehensive No Man's Sky Guide.

Unveiling the Mystery of Void Eggs

Void Eggs, Living Ships, and Everything You Need to Know
Credit: NoMansSkyWiki

Void Eggs are enigmatic artifacts in No Man's Sky, possessing a tough, leathery shell and displaying curious behavior, including faint tapping and occasional singing. These mysterious eggs can be acquired from the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion on the Space Anomaly for 3,200 Quicksilver, earned through daily and weekly missions. The Void Egg sets the stage for a captivating journey to hatch a Living Ship.

  • The Egg's Enigma With a Void Egg in your inventory, warp through the galaxies. The awakening of the Void Egg depends on the frequency of your warping, ranging from three to twelve warps. After each warp, wait for about 30 seconds for a transmission to initiate the “Melody of the Egg” quest.
  • Glyphs and Galaxies During your journey, you'll receive a total of 13 messages, each describing different glyphs. Record these messages, as their numbers will determine the order of the Portal Glyphs needed later.
  • Decoding the Egg Decoding the messages involves traveling to different galaxies, leading to a password and the location of a portal on Erpetrith Raya.
  • The Junk Planet Erpetrith Raya is a unique planet filled with discarded items. An incoming message reading “Watch for us in the Stars” marks the start of your journey to acquire a Living Ship.
  • The Starbirth Mission In space, discover an anomaly, a Living Ship, initiating the Starbirth mission. Follow the quest's instructions to obtain a relic crucial for building a Living Ship component.
  • Planet-Hopping for Components The Starbirth mission takes you to different planets with unique instructions. Your goal is to find the planets and gather the components required for your Living Ship. The Void Egg will provide coordinates as you enter the planet's atmosphere.
  • Blueprint and Beyond On the correct planet, find a relic with blueprints for your Living Ship's component. Assemble the component and repeat these steps until you've built all required components, preparing you to explore the universe in your very own Living Ship.

The Void Egg's mystery and the journey to acquire a Living Ship add an intriguing dimension to the No Man's Sky experience, offering players an enigmatic quest that culminates in one of the most remarkable vessels in the universe.

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The Wonders of Living Ships

Void Eggs, Living Ships, and Everything You Need to Know
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Living Ships are a unique addition to NMS, representing the harmonious fusion of organic and technological elements. These exceptional vessels possess not only an alluring aesthetic but also extraordinary capabilities. Let's delve into what these ships are and what sets them apart.

Upgrading Your Living Ship

Void Eggs, Living Ships, and Everything You Need to Know
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The process of upgrading a Living Ship is distinct from that of regular starships. They come with their own set of customization options and upgrade nodes, making the journey of enhancing these vessels a unique experience.

  • Hyperdrive Mastery: One of the standout features of Living Ships is their remarkable hyperdrive range. These ships can outperform traditional starships in this regard, allowing players to explore the cosmos without the need for additional hyperdrive technology or upgrades. The hyperdrive of a Living Ship is more efficient and powerful, granting players the freedom to traverse the vastness of space with ease.
  • Technology Nodes and Evolution: Instead of conventional technology components, Living Ships rely on technology nodes for upgrades. These nodes come in various tiers, from C to S, and they can be upgraded by spending Nanites, granting you the flexibility to tailor your ship to your preferences. As you invest in these technology nodes, your Living Ship becomes a reflection of your playstyle and priorities.
  • Unique Technology Nodes:

    Living Ships in No Man's Sky feature a unique set of technology nodes that differ from those found on traditional starships. These distinct nodes contribute to the organic and versatile nature of these ships, allowing for a wide range of customization options. Here, we'll compare the names of Living Ship technology nodes to their counterparts on regular starships:

    • Launch Thrusters -> Neural Assembly
    • Pulse Engine -> Pulsing Heart
    • Photon Cannon -> Spewing Vents
    • Shields -> Scream Suppressor
    • Hyperdrive –> Singularity Cortex
    • Phase Beam -> Grafted Eyes
  • Organic Maintenance: One of the advantages of Living Ships is their ease of maintenance. They require resources like Silver, Oxygen, and Chromatic Metal, which are more readily available compared to the resources traditional starships demand. These low-maintenance requirements make these ships an efficient choice for players who want to spend more time exploring and less time gathering resources.

The Pros and Cons of Living Ships

Living Ships come with several advantages, such as the ability to warp to any star system without the need for specialized drives and easy maintenance. However, they also have limitations, such as restricted weapon variety. Understanding these pros and cons can help you decide whether a Living Ship aligns with your preferred playstyle.

  • Advantages:
    • Universal Hyperdrive: Living Ships are capable of warping to any star system of any color without the need for a Cadmium, Emeril, or Indium Drive. This feature grants players unprecedented freedom to explore the cosmos without limitations.
    • Efficient Maintenance: Living Ships are easy to maintain, as “recharging” their organs requires very basic and easily obtainable materials such as Silver, Oxygen, Chromatic Metal, and more. This simplicity of maintenance makes them a hassle-free choice.
    • Guaranteed S-Class: Living Ships do not appear in classes other than S, guaranteeing the best statistics right from the start. You won't need to invest in upgrading your ship's class.
  • Drawbacks:
    • Limited Weapon Variety: Living Ships come with only two innate weapons, Spewing Vents (the Living Ship counterpart of the Photon Cannon) and Grafted Eyes (the Living Ship counterpart of the Phase Beam). They do not offer additional craftable weapons, limiting combat options.
    • Resource-Intensive Repairs: Some of the ship's organs and their upgrades, when damaged, may require rare materials such as Hypnotic Eyes, Living Slime, Larval Cores, and more. These resources may not be readily available in every star system, making repairs challenging.
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Alternative Ways to Acquire Living Ships

While obtaining a Living Ship through the Void Egg quest is a captivating adventure, it's not the only way to acquire one of these unique vessels in No Man's Sky. In the vast multiplayer universe of NMS, alternative paths to obtaining Living Ships await. Encounters in the Space Anomaly can surprise you with Living Ship sightings, offering opportunities to interact with fellow players and potentially receive a precious Void Egg as a gift.

Alternatively, within this interconnected world, players may engage in trades, where those who have already hatched Living Ships might offer them for sale or exchange. Moreover, partaking in community events hosted by Hello Games introduces a community-focused approach, providing unique rewards like Void Eggs and Living Ship-related items, making your journey towards owning a Living Ship an engaging and diverse experience.


Living Ships in No Man's Sky are not just starships; they are a remarkable fusion of technology and biology, offering players a unique and immersive experience. From their organic aesthetics to their exceptional capabilities, these ships redefine space exploration in the game. Whether you choose to follow the Star Birth questline or explore alternative methods, they are a testament to the richness and diversity of the NMS universe.

Void Eggs, Living Ships, and Everything You Need to Know
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