Vinnie Jones Takes Command in World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2024 event

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Vinnie Jones Takes Command in World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2024 event

The commencement of the eagerly awaited Holiday Ops 2024 event in the World of Tanks franchise coincides with the arrival of the first winter day. This festive celebration, known for its traditional flair, pledges thrilling gameplay, delightful gifts, and valuable in-game prizes for players on PC, mobile, and console platforms.

The Holiday Ops 2024 event in detail

Steering the excitement for this season is the illustrious British footballer and film star, Vinnie Jones, who bids farewell to his role as Santa's enforcer to embrace a new position as a commander in World of Tanks. Scheduled from December 1st to January 8th, the Holiday Ops 2024 event presents a distinctive array of holiday-themed activities tailored to suit the gameplay of each platform.

World of Tanks (December 1st, 2023–January 8th, 2024)

Players have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a festive and joyful Holiday Village, ready to be adorned with their personal touch. Upon entering this delightful setting, tankers will receive their initial gift: the all-new Premium Czechoslovakian light tank Pzw.39.

Vinnie Jones will be stationed at the headquarters, presenting special missions and tasks. Upon successful completion, players will unlock rewards inspired by the celebrity, featuring three exclusive 2D styles, decals, inscriptions showcasing iconic phrases, and even Vinnie Jones himself as a Tank Commander, complete with an exclusive voiceover. But that's not all; players can also look forward to a special skin called Old Reliable for the Cobra tank, with every element crafted in the style of this year's star.

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For Prime Gaming members, exclusive content from the celebrity Commander awaits, including two decals, a medal, and the unique Paradox 2D style. Meanwhile, Steam players can seize a specially designed 2D decal as a gift from Vinnie.

World of Tanks Blitz (December 1st–December 20th, 2023)

World of Tanks Blitz presents a list of Holiday Ops activities, including a 10-stage celebrity quest with unique collectibles, avatars, profile background, all in the style of Vinnie Jones. The 10th stage will bring the final reward and the biggest gift under the tree – the “Final Argument” attachment. What’s even better, players will participate in the holiday draw for a chance to become the proud owner of the Cobra tank with a legendary camouflage.

World of Tanks Modern Armor (December 1st, 2023–January 8th, 2024)

Players can double the fun and rewards this year, as they will be embarking on both an individual Earn Challenge and the Holiday Op Community Event. Each path offers a ton of content including themed cosmetics, Boosters, Premium Time, and the hard-hitting Charlemagne heavy tank. They can also get the exclusive new Old Reliable premium tank, plus 2D and 3D Commanders featuring Vinnie’s custom voiceover.

Vinnie Jones Takes Command in World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2024 event
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