Valkyrae Reveals A Possible Twitch Collab With Madison Beer

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Valkyrae Reveals A Possible Twitch Collab With Madison Beer

After tweeting at Madison Beer and sliding into her DM’s, Valkyrae teases her fans, saying there might be a future Twitch Collab. 

Madison Beer, the popular American singer and influencer, recently started streaming on Twitch in June 2023 and has already had her fair share of weird experiences. She already has 448k followers owing to her massive and loyal fanbase from her career. She has made headlines when she revealed that she is a big fan of xQc, who is a fellow popular Twitch streamer. 

Valkyrae Reveals A Possible Twitch Collab With Madison Beer

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She tweeted in June about her going live on Twitch, which Valkyrie took the opportunity of and tweeted a reply to Madison offering help and advice for streaming. Valkyrae is a huge fan of Madison, and with that tweeted reply she managed to slide into Madison’s DM’s. Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter is a huge internet persona because of her streaming career and her massive following. She is the most-watched female streamer on youtube right now and currently has over a million followers.

During her live stream, Rae began to fangirl and discuss her interaction with Madison Beer, telling her fans that she has been following Madison for 15 years. She then said:

“She just started streaming on Twitch! And so, I was watching and this girl does not have any mods, there are people posting copypastas of straight-up d*ick in her chat!” She paused for a moment, and said, “And, she was playing the game audio from her phone. She was playing Fall Guys. And I was like giiiiirl, you need help!”

And then Rae explained that she decided to tweet at Madison on her going live tweet. She decided to offer to help Madison with streaming and give her advice on it. Here is the Twitter thread where Rae tweeted at Madison: 



Rae then told her fans that Madison followed her on Twitter and that Madison DM’ed her. Madison saw Rae’s tweet when she was going through the replies on her Twitter thread and looking at the overwhelming amount of support she was receiving from fellow streamers. Madison thanked Rae on her live stream and called her “beautiful” and a “gorgeous angel”. 

Rae seemed genuinely excited because of her interaction with Madison and she kept the DM’s private, not discussing what they both talked about. This made fans believe there is a Twitch collab upcoming between the two females and the hype for it is unreal. If the collab is successful, then it will be huge for both Rae and Madison because both of them are really influential internet personas. So, keep your eyes peeled and if the collab does actually happen, we will be sure to let you know.

Valkyrae Reveals A Possible Twitch Collab With Madison Beer
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