Valheim Ashlands Gameplay Trailer Announced by Devs

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Valheim Ashlands Gameplay Trailer Announced by Devs

We're finally getting our first look at the Ashlands, which will be the hardest Valheim biome to ever be released since the 2022 Mistlands update.

We're finally getting a gameplay trailer for the Valheim ‘Ashlands' after it was teased nearly a year ago.

The first gameplay trailer of the long-awaited ‘Ashlands' update will be dropping on Monday, April 22 at 7AM EST (4AM PDT).  The announcement was made on the game's official X (formerly Twitter) account, where it also hinted at additional reveals.

The original post links to the trailer's countdown on YouTube.

The Ashlands is a fiery hellscape that was designed to be Valheim's “land of the dead”. The black biome is made of raining soot and rivers of lava. And in an August 2023 update,  Iron Gate Studio — Valheim's devs — confirmed just where the Ashlands will be found on the map.

Due to how perilous the endgame area is, Iron Gate will be sequestering the Ashlands in the southmost part of every world, where it will only be accessible via sea travel. The decision feels like a smart one, considering that Valheim's biomes tend to blend with one another in small (and often dangerous) ways. Seeeing a river of lava flow into a wintery tundra wouldn't feel right either.

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At the same time, structures at the southmost parts of your map should be taken into consideration before the Valheim Ashlands update drops. Terrain shifts in a major way after each major update, so you might want to start a new world to avoid any issues.

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Credit: Iron Gate Studio

In a subtweet, the Valheim account also referred fans to an Ashlands preparation guide that was published back in late-March.

The support post contained advice involving the Public Test Branches and other FAQs. On top of that, the blog also announced that the special drop from defeating the Queen (the final Mistlands boss) will be getting its own recipes soon.

The name of the new Ashlands ore was seemingly hinted at in the header of the support post. Named “flametal“, the feature image showcases what appears to be a new Ashlands armor and weapon set.

Valheim boss drops and new, mineable ores unlock recipes for stronger equipment in the game. This, in turn gives you higher chances of surviving the next encounter/biome, and we'll need all of the help we can get once the Ashlands update arrives.

The hot landscape was confirmed to be the game's “penultimate” biome, implying that we'll be seeing Valheim's very last update in a few years.

At the moment, a plain desert biome sits at the southmost part of the map as a placeholder. The area is desolate except for a few roaming Surtlings and a looming hellscape event, so build here at your own risk.

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