Unicorn Overlord PC Release: When is it Coming to PC?

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Unicorn Overlord PC Release: When is it Coming to PC?

This article will address all the rumors, speculations, and confusion surrounding the Unicorn Overlord PC release. 

Unicorn Overlord is a phenomenal game, at least for those who are a fan of the classic turn- and tile-based Tactical RPG games of old. The complexity of these types of games isn’t for everyone. It requires a lot of clever strategy and party management tricks for the players to learn to truly master the game.

But fans of games like Tactics Ogre and Fire Emblem will feel right at home with Unicorn Overlord. 

Ever since the game’s release, console players have been playing it non-stop. However, those who only have a PC can’t get their hands on it yet. This game is only available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch for now. 

Does that mean the PC players have to sit this one out? That’s what we’ll answer today in this article. Let’s get started.

Will there be a PC Release for Unicorn Overlord?

Sorry to break it to you, but it seems that Unicorn Overlord simply won’t come to PC. Despite the game’s successful launch across major platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, there are no plans for a PC release.

In an interview with Akiyasu Yamamoto by IGN Japan, he stated that, “As a publisher, we would like to deliver it to PC users as well, but per our agreement with Vanillaware, we are only releasing on console.”

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Unicorn Overlord is a result of the joint effort from Atlus and Vanillaware. And While Yamamoto and Atlus seem open to exploring the PC market, Vanillaware remains unwavering in their stance. Their reasoning, however, remains a closely guarded secret, leaving fans to speculate on the potential factors behind this decision.

But looking at their history, a clear trend seems to emerge. They rarely produce PC ports for their games. In fact, 8 of the past 9 games they created were only developed for the console. 

We know, this comes off as pretty disappointing for those who wanted to play Unicorn Overlord on their PC. It is what it is, unfortunately. 

Unicorn Overlord PC Release: When is it Coming to PC?
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